Top 8 Tips to Become a Fashion Stylist in India

Have you ever wondered how Bollywood celebs appear flawless at every occasion and gathering? Although your favorite movie actress may have a terrific sense of style, her stylist is the one who executes it behind the scenes. She always appears to be worth a million dollars.

Choosing the appropriate outfit, purse, shoes, and accessories may sound simple, but it’s everything. It takes commitment, work, and a sense of fashion. But it would be good to have some fundamental guidelines. Check out the guidelines that any good stylist must follow.

1.Acquire the fundamentals:

Every stylist should start from scratch. You must understand what works for various body shapes, skin tones, ages, and personalities regarding materials, trims, silhouettes, and colors. A solid foundation makes it much simpler to build upon. So, grasp the fundamentals

2.Attend fashion and style events:

Attending a fashion show or the debut of a new designer collection is more than simply a way to brag to your friends about your great job. Every encounter offers a chance to learn. Take advantage of every opportunity to network, chat with influential individuals in the fashion world, and identify the top talent in the area.

3. Recognize the trends:

Fashion changes often. Make sure you are continuously informed because it is constantly changing. Keep up with the most recent fashion trends that are in style. An out-of-date stylist has no place in the realm of elegance.

Fashion stylists must be proactive since they must always be on the go, according to freelance fashion stylist Isha Bhansali. It is also challenging to keep track of every precious item your source for picture sessions, so you must be very careful with your belongings.

4. Work as an assistant to a stylist:

Prior experience is usually advantageous. You will learn more about the glamorous world of fashion by working under a seasoned fashion stylist. You will discover the specifics of what fashion stylists are paid a fortune for, from the measurements to that ideal fit.

According to famous fashion stylist Mahima Shukla, a competent stylist may teach aspiring stylists the ropes. Being a professional stylist requires a lot of devotion and hard work.

5. Pick a specialty:

Fashion stylists can fall into many different areas. Select the specialized area of employment you want to pursue. What draws your eye: red carpet elegance or casual chic? Please choose a subject of interest and begin learning more about it.

6. Be familiar with your brands and designers:

A stylist must be aware of the best places to buy their supplies. That is precisely why a stylist won’t reveal where she got that odd jacket or neckpiece. So put on your jogging shoes and look for your supply outlets.

“Be kind to PR people; they are the ones who will support you with various exciting updates, debuts, and goods,” advises Isha Bhansali.

7. Do your research:

To become a competent fashion stylist, study the errors of others (and try never to make them yourself). Make a mental note of the fashion faux pas that are outlawed, whether Ameesha Patel is wearing the incorrect fabric or Sonakshi is wearing an outfit that makes her seem obese.

According to Mahima Shukla, the client’s figure is the most crucial consideration for a fashion stylist. By picking the appropriate fabric and color for your customer, you may improve their appearance. Make sure your customer is comfortable in their clothing above everything else.

8. Follow your idol: 

You probably have a few favorite stylists that you admire. Keep an eye on their work and follow them on social media! Maintain your style!


Any once in a while, every top fashion stylist, whether established or rising, needs some power solutions. Finding one’s footing in a world where consumers are picky and fickle is particularly difficult for a new fashion stylist. 

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