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Do you have a passion for fashion? Have you ever thought about writing for a fashion blog? Are you looking for somewhere you can share your ideas about different fashion styles and trends?

Look no more. We are offering you a chance to fulfill your dreams by write for us fashion blog.

Our company gives writers a chance at their dreams. This is how it works – you write a blog post for us based on any topic of your choice – you send it to the email we provide – and if approved, you get paid.

This is a great opportunity for fashion bloggers to show their ideas to a wider audience. It is also a way to showcase their skills to the general public.

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Guidelines To Follow For Writing Guest Posts

Here are the guidelines that we expect you to follow as a writer for our blog. Following these guidelines guarantees your submission be accepted.

        1. Length Of The Article

We require an article with at least 1200 words. However, keep in mind that an article of 1500 words will be more appreciated. The length isn’t the only issue; your article has to be informative and well-researched.

Also, we need an article that will be engaging for our readers; and search engine optimized. This is a very important requirement as we want our articles to rank higher on Google searches.

In summary, we need a well-researched and optimized article with quality and a word count between 1200-1500.

        2. Topics

This is also another requirement of our writers. You are given the task of searching for topics to write about. Although the categories of these topics are limited, the topics are limitless.

The topic you select has to be related to our blog and the category of topics we allow.

Writing an article that is related to our blog makes it easier for us to post on your website. So the more relatable your topic is to our brand, the easier it is for the article to get posted.

     3. Categories

As we mentioned previously, your articles have to be related to what we portray as a brand. Here are some of the categories of topics that we accept.

Sending articles that are related to any of these topics gives you a better chance of being posted on our website. However, we will not post any articles that aren’t remotely related to these topics.

     4. External Links

If you provide relevant content; you are allowed to include a backlink to your blogs. However, writers are only allowed to post one backlink which leads directly to their blogs.

Writers who post backlinks to their blogs usually get recognition from our readers. So part of the benefits of posting on our site is the recognition.

    5.  Advertisement Posts

Writers are not allowed to promote third-party websites. That is websites that are not theirs. Also, writers are not allowed to promote any product with the article they send to us. We do not accept any promotional content.

However, we can create a sponsored post to advertise a product or website. You just have to contact us regarding that aspect.

   6. Write Reader-Friendly Articles

A reader-friendly article is an article that’s easy to read. Articles like these convey their message in such a way that the reader understands.

Also, readable articles are well-designed with relatable headings and subheadings. Also, try using bold words and bullet points when it’s important.

Bold words are usually for headings while bullet points are used to write out points.

      7.  Media

Media usage is very important in articles. Especially fashion articles. Using media in your articles makes them more readable and they appear better to readers.

Aside from that, you use media to further explain the points that words cannot. Using videos and pictures on your posts can attract readers and your post appears credible.

       8. Do Not Use Affiliate Links

As we said before, we do not appreciate third-party links. Affiliate links ruin our reputation with our readers. We only accept links that lead to the website of the writer.

If any affiliate link is spotted, your content might not be posted on our website.

Also, you still have a chance to promote other websites and products by contacting us for advertisement.

      9. Copyright

Copyright is prohibited. You are not allowed to post any content copied from other websites. Every content you submit to us should be unique and written in your own words.

If your content is plagiarized, we cannot post it. You should not make a living through other people’s hard work.

So, do your research on your desired content, read different articles, and create the content from the ideas you get.

Tips That Will Help You As You Write For Us

  • You should be ready to write long-form content because we appreciate content of at least 1200 words.
  • Use relevant words that are related to your topic. This way you make it easier for your reader to understand.
  • Use only high-quality links on each post. Guest posting on our website does not give clearance for promotional content or links. The links on your content should lead back to your website and should be related to the content you post.
  • This might be difficult but do your best to choose relatable content. That is, select a topic that people can relate to easily.
  • Lastly, we appreciate hard work. That means we do not want you posting plagiarized content because we will not approve it.

Do you know why most people want to work with us? Well, one of the benefits is that fashion is a niche with never-ending topics. If you do proper research, it is easy to get a streak of never-ending topics and keep writing for us.

Fashion topics encompass a lot of things; what to wear, what not to wear, health benefits of certain clothes, clothes for certain seasons and a lot more trending topics to write on.

Like we mentioned before; it’s an endless streak of topics.

Why Should You Write For Us?

    1. Exposure

We won’t just post your content on our website and let it compete with the many other posts we have there. We will make sure we celebrate and push your content forward to reach a passionate audience. You can get lots of admirers and attract people to you from there.

    2. Collaboration

We work with a network of writers from different parts of the world. If you become one of them, you stand a chance of working with some of the most vibrant people in your industry.

    3. Inspiration

As we post your content, we have a space where readers can comment on your work. This way you get inspired. You also learn more and understand what people in this niche want.

Writing for us opens you up to a new and exciting world.