What to Look for When Buying Sneakers


If you thought you had a lot of shoes, think again! The largest shoe collection in the world belongs to a man with over 2,300 pairs who has held the title since 2012.

Though you may never hold that title, you can still expand your own collection of sick kicks. You may not always have time to head to your local shoe store, so buying sneakers online is a convenient option for many women.

However, if you’re buying women’s sneakers online, you may want to wait before clicking “add to cart.” There are different factors you’ll need to keep in mind to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Though it may seem simple enough, you’ll want to keep reading for some of the best tips and tricks to keep in mind before you find the next perfect pair of kicks for your collection.

Narrow Your Search

Before you search for shoes online, you’ll want to narrow your options and decide what you’re looking for. This will make your search less overwhelming as you won’t feel inundated with options.

Though you may think sneakers are all the same, there are many different choices you can search for. Popular options for sneakers include:

  • Leather
  • Canvas
  • Basketball
  • Slip-on
  • Trainers
  • Hiking shoes

Each of these shoes varies in style and intended use. This means you’ll need to decide what kind of shoe you’re on the hunt for, as you don’t want to be disappointed with your purchase.

If you’re looking for something to wear when working out, trainers are perfect for the gym, while hiking sneakers can hold up on the trails. However, if you want something for everyday wear, leather and canvas sneakers are a great option, and depending on your style, basketball shoes make a great focal point.

Set a Budget

Next, you’ll want to set a budget for your shopping trip. There’s nothing worse than browsing your online choices and falling in love with a pair of stunning sneakers, only to find they’re out of your price range.

You can avoid this disappointment by setting a budget before you start browsing your choices. This will help you input your price range so you can only view options that fit your budget.

Generally, a high-quality pair of brand-name sneakers will cost anywhere from $50 to $250. Though this may seem like a high number, you can get sneakers for much cheaper – but you’ll notice a difference in the quality and construction.

Name-brand sneakers like Converse kicks or Nike will tend to be more expensive because you’re paying for the quality. These sturdy shoes will stand the test of time, unlike cheaper options.

Also, comparing sneaker prices is a great way to ensure you get a good deal on your new kicks.

Measure Correctly

While shopping online is extremely easy and convenient, it does have its downsides. One of the benefits of shopping in stores is that you can try the shoe on to ensure it fits correctly.

Shopping online requires a bit more work. You’ll need to measure your foot and check the shoe’s specific size guide to make sure it will fit well and comfortably.

Though you may know you’re a women’s eight in your favorite sandals, some brands vary in their measurements from shoe to shoe. This means you can order a pair of sneakers in your size, and they risk being too small or large.

To correctly measure your foot, you’ll need a ruler, a piece of paper, and a friend to help. You’ll stand on a piece of paper one foot at a time with your back flush to the wall with your heel pressed against the surface.

Have your friend mark where the back of your heel and top of your longest toe sit on the paper. Repeat this process with your other foot. This will give you the most accurate measurement, as you can use a ruler to measure the marks on the paper.

You’ll also want to measure the width of your foot the same way, as you may require a wide or narrow shoe option to fit more securely and comfortably.

Read the Description

Before you click add to cart, you’ll want to read the description of the sneakers to get the most accurate description of the product. Almost every online sneaker store will have an area next to the product images that describe the shoe in greater detail.

Often, this is where you can learn about what materials the shoe is made from, which gives you insight into the comfort, durability, and maintenance of the shoes.

Also, many brands will highlight the unique features of their shoes in this section. For example, they may talk about how lightweight and breathable the sneaker is due to the knit material, or they’ll comment on the fact that the shoes are waterproof.

The description may also offer insight into the accuracy of the color shown in the photo. One of the most prominent issues with online shopping is color discrepancies of how a product looks in photos versus what it looks like in person.

For example, a pair of sneakers may look pink online, but the color listed in the description is cranberry. The fabric will likely be a darker, deeper shade of red.

Stick to Brands You Know

One of the best ways to buy reliable and high-quality shoes online is to purchase from brands you’re already familiar with. Whether you have one pair or ten, shopping for sneakers from the same brand is a great way to get good quality.

Brands that produce good sneakers will only continue to release increasingly good shoes.

Similarly, you’ll get the best fit, as you’ll already own a pair of sneakers, so you know what size you need to order. However, you’ll still want to read the description to see if the sneakers tend to run true to size or not.

However, if you want to branch out, you can ask friends and family if they’ve purchased from a specific brand before. This even allows you to inspect the shoe to get a better feel for the company’s quality and work.

Check Online Reviews

One of the most underrated tools on the internet is online customer reviews. These are extremely valuable when making purchases over the internet, as they offer insight into the quality, fit, and customer service experience you can expect.

While few online reviews are posted with malicious intent and should be carefully analyzed, most are genuine reviews of the product. In most cases, they’ll offer a rating, photos, and a comment.

These provide an unbiased opinion about whether or not the shoe is true to size or tends to run large or small.

Another benefit is that reviews have photos of the sneakers in everyday non-studio lighting. This can impact the appearance of colors and textures you may not have noticed until after you ordered the sneakers.

Many reviewers may even post photos of how they style the sneakers, which can help you if you’re unsure how to wear a specific pair.

Try on Shoes ASAP

Finally, as soon as your shoes arrive in the mail, you’ll want to try them on. This will let you know if the fit, quality, and appearance are what you expected.

You’ll want to try both shoes on, as there could be a discrepancy in sizing and comfort in one sneaker. Similarly, you’ll also want to walk around to ensure that your toes don’t feel crammed against the top and your heel isn’t slipping out of the back.

If the shoes feel uncomfortable, painful, or don’t fit correctly, your best bet is to send them back. Most companies will have their return policy displayed as you check out, so be sure to pay attention to the guidelines.

Buying Women’s Sneakers Online Made Simple

When buying new shoes online, you’ll want to take the time to ensure you do your research and reduce the risk of purchasing a low-quality pair of sneakers.

While it may seem like more of a hassle than buying in-store, a sneaker store website will have more size, color, and style options readily available. Plus, you can find rare shoes online with better luck than in stores.

Though this guide to buying women’s sneakers online may be over, your journey to becoming more fashionable isn’t. Check out the rest of our website for more style tips and tricks.