How to choose hot water bag and types by material

hot water bag

Hot water bags, which are active in the cold season, are familiar heating items that have been used for a long time. In recent years, the number of hot water bag users has been increasing due to the increase in eco-friendly and economical products and the increase in functional products. Attractive products are being sold one after another from each manufacturer.

However, there are many types of hot water bottles, and you may be wondering which type to buy.

In this article I will introduce the features of each type of hot water bottle, recommended popular products, and correct usage. We have thoroughly investigated the standard hot water bottles that are recommended for bedtime and the hot water bottles that are perfect for offices and camping, so if you are considering purchasing a hot water bottle, please refer to it.

Effects and benefits of hot water bags

A hot water bag is a heating device that has healed people with gentle warmth since the days when there was no electricity or gas.

Hot water bottles that can be easily warmed have many advantages and are still widely used today. Let’s reconfirm the effects and benefits that can be expected from using a hot water bottle.

Effect of hot water bag

The main purpose of using a hot water bottle is to warm the body, but there are various other effects as well. Here are some typical examples.

Expected effects of using hot water bags

  • You can warm your body and get warm. Prevents the body from getting cold.
  • If you put it in a futon and warm it before going to bed, it will be easier to sleep even on cold days.
  • You can get a good night’s sleep by laying it under your feet, hips, and buttocks when you go to bed.
  • By warming the body and preheating it before taking a bath, it becomes difficult for the body to warm up from the core.
  • By warming the body and improving blood flow, it relieves menstrual pain and stiff shoulders.

I will explain how to use hot water bags effectively in the latter half of the article, so please check it out.

Benefits of hot water bags

The merit of hot water bags is that they can be used eco-friendly without worrying about kerosene and electricity bills. Many of the products are reasonably priced and easy to obtain, and once purchased, they can be used for a long time, so the cost performance is the best.

Main benefits of hot water bags

  • It can be used eco-friendly and economically with almost no running cost.
  • The purchase cost is low and it lasts a long time. Cospa is very good.
  • It is easy on the throat because the air does not dry like heaters and air conditioners.
  • It is easy to carry and can be used anywhere.
  • You can pinpoint the parts that tend to get cold, such as your feet, stomach, hips, hands, and neck.

In addition, there are many merits such as not having to worry about electromagnetic waves and being able to use it as a water pillow if it is a cool type. Please try it out and discover new benefits.

Explain the types of hot water bottles by material

Even if you say hot water bag in a bite, there are many kinds of materials. Each has different usage and merits, so compare the features and choose the type that suits you best.

Here, we will introduce five types: plastic, pottery, rubber, rechargeable, and metal.

Reasonable and easy-to-use plastic

The plastic (polyethylene) hot water bag is the most orthodox type. It is easy to obtain anywhere, such as home improvement stores, supermarkets, and drug stores, and the price is reasonable because you can buy it from the hundreds of yen range. The appeal of plastic is that it has a wide variety of designs and functions, making it easy to find products that meet your needs.

It is unique to plastic that it is available in a wide variety of sizes , from small models to large models. The large-capacity type can hold around 2.5 liters of hot water and keeps warmth for a long time, so it is suitable for use at bedtime. It doesn’t get hot immediately after adding hot water, so it’s easy to cover.

It is a material recommended for beginners because it is hard to break and easy to handle, but the small to medium-sized model has a slight neck because it does not have that high heat retention. Depending on the product, the temperature of hot water is limited to about 70-80 ° C, so be sure to check when purchasing.

Features made of plastic

  • The price is reasonable and easy to obtain.
  • You can choose from various types with abundant designs, functions, and sizes.
  • The large-capacity type has a long-lasting warmth, so it is recommended at bedtime.

Made of pottery with excellent heat retention effect

Nowadays, plastic and rubber are the mainstream, but originally, the hot water bottles that were introduced from China at that time were made of pottery. The biggest feature is overwhelming heat retention and moisture retention. The pottery absorbs the hot water inside and emits steam, so you can experience the soft warmth that includes humidity.

The warmth that is peculiar to pottery and soaks into the core of the body is also attractive . Even so, it has excellent heat retention, so you can use it as it is warm even in the morning. It is especially recommended for those who live in cold regions and those who tend to get cold at bedtime.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of pottery is that it is heavy and fragile. If you drop it, it may crack, so it is not suitable for small children or those who have a bad sleep. The surface is also hard, and you may hit it while sleeping and hurt yourself, so be careful when handling it.

Features made of pottery

  • Soft warmth including humidity. Warmth that soaks into the core of the body.
  • It has excellent heat retention, so it is recommended for people who tend to get cold at bedtime.
  • Be careful when handling it as it is fragile.

Made of soft and easy-to-fit rubber

The rubber hot water bottle, which is popular these days, is made of a flexible material and is easy to fit on the body . You can freely change the shape according to the part you want to warm, such as around the shoulders and waist. It doesn’t get in the way when you’re sleeping, and it’s soft so it’s safe for your baby to kick with your feet.

When not in use, it can be rolled up and stored, making it perfect for use in the office. It is also recommended for camping because it is not bulky and can be carried around . Since it can be used with a small amount of hot water, even a small kettle with a capacity of about 1 liter will be sufficient.

Another advantage is that it can be used as a water pillow on hot summer days or when there is a fever. Many types have a wide injection port, and can be used by putting a small amount of ice in it and cooling it in a kinkin.

However, the heat retention of rubber is not so high because hot water cannot be put in it. In addition, because the material is soft, some people may find it difficult to add hot water.

Rubber features

  • The soft material makes it easy to fit your body.
  • When not in use, it can be rolled up to make it compact.
  • It can also be used as a water pillow in summer.

Rechargeable for use in offices and travel destinations

Rechargeable hot water bottles are attractive because they save you the trouble of boiling water and putting it in a container . It is suitable for people who are busy every day because it can be easily charged with the push of a switch. It’s easy to use even for moms who can’t take their hands off the baby, so it’s a great way to warm your baby’s futon.

Charging time is about 15 minutes at the longest, and usage time is about 6 to 8 hours in a futon. You can stay warm until the morning. It has the advantage that it can be used anywhere it can be charged, and it is also recommended for use in the office or on the road.

The disadvantage is that it is colder than the type that pours hot water. Some products turn off when the temperature exceeds 70 ° C during charging, which makes it difficult for the product to reach a high temperature for safety reasons. However, it’s perfect for warming the inside of a futon, and it’s suitable for people who like a little warmth.

Rechargeable features

  • Recommended for busy people who do not have to prepare hot water.
  • It can be used for several hours with a dozen minutes of charging.
  • High safety with specifications that do not get too hot.

Made of metal with an attractive old-fashioned retro style

Many people think of old-fashioned hot water bottles as being made of metal. It is sturdy, long-lasting, inexpensive to buy, and has good cost performance. It is perfect for people who are cold or outdoors because it can be kept warm for a long time by adding boiling water.

Also, if it is a type that can be heated by an open flame, it can be reheated without throwing away the hot water even if it cools, so it is easy to use. When camping or staying in the car, you can use the hot water bottle by heating it with a cassette stove or a bonfire.

It should be noted that it is easy to get burned because of its high thermal conductivity. The surface is hot, so use gloves or mittens to cover it. If your child uses it, adjust the temperature of the hot water to prevent low temperature burns.

Things to keep in mind

  • Cospa is the strongest because it is cheap and sturdy.
  • Recommended for camping if it can be placed on an open flame.
  • It has high thermal conductivity and you can feel the warmth immediately.