Everything You Need To Know About Lip Shapes

Lip Shapes

Types of girls lips- Fashion news

Character by girls lips shape: 11 obvious types


They are a symbol of sexuality and sensuality. Especially in men. And almost every woman dreams of such a form. And some even make this dream come true, using the services of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists.

True owners and owners of plump lips love attention, which is why they strive to get it in any way. For example, they lead an active lifestyle, choose bright, sexy clothes that will surely catch the eye.

Basically, these are representatives of the demonstrative personality type. They are sociable, capricious, sincere, sometimes naive and very interesting. Since they have a lot of hobbies and can support almost any conversation.

They can be trusted, both in work matters and in family matters, especially in relation to children – they are considered almost the best, loving and caring parents among all the others. They are very kind and attentive, they often do charity work. For example, they feed animals on the street, help in shelters, donate clothes to those in need, and so on.

In addition to attention, they like to have fun and usually live a busy life, not limiting themselves in feelings and impressions. Despite all of the above, they are perfectly able to restrain impulses and do not allow themselves too much.


For some reason, the owners of thin lips are considered insidious, cunning and withdrawn. Perhaps because they simply do not scatter their energy, time, preferring a narrow circle of acquaintances, but reliable. They value people for their actions, not their words.

They are quite assertive and thanks to this they almost always achieve their goals. Restrained, smart and well-read, they know when it is worth saying something and when it is better to remain silent. Due to restraint, they seem not particularly emotional, but they are not. They are deep and sensual, they just show it only to very close and loved ones.

Willful, compromise and sacrifice are not at all their way of resolving conflicts. Will stand their ground to the last. They can even use a strong word, or simply wittily point out to the opponent his shortcomings.

They are somewhat ascetic, that is, they need very few amenities and so on to feel a fulfilling life. They are able to cope with any difficulty, which is why they always readily take on the most difficult tasks.

If the owners of this form have a narrow mouth themselves, then they are perceptive and prone to excessive self-criticism. They do not allow themselves to relax and often experience a feeling of total loneliness.

And if the mouth is wide, then this loneliness, on the contrary, is considered as an advantage. They can quite safely go to the cinema, travel or museum without any company and will not feel awkward at the same time. As they say, it is very pleasant to spend time with an interesting interlocutor – yourself.

The top is thin and the bottom is chubby lips

Fickle, curious and open to the world. Labor with a fixed schedule and wages is just hard labor for them. There are so many interesting things in life that there is simply no time to sit in one place. Therefore, office work is like a prison for them. The longer they are in the same conditions, the less enthusiasm, cheerfulness and energy.

Powerful and in a relationship usually get the better of a partner. Dominance is especially often manifested in women. They do not concede and do not take into account other people’s opinions.

They love comfort and know how to enjoy life, and it doesn’t matter in what area.

They are considered windy, especially in younger years. They often change partners, as they quickly lose interest in them and go in search of someone else. At a more mature age, they settle down and begin to value relationships, striving for stability.

Easily make contacts and win over. This is facilitated by activity, sociability and a cheerful disposition.

The top is puffy and the bottom lip is thin

The most flirtatious representatives of humanity, which is why they are almost always in the spotlight. They are very emotional, sometimes even excessively, but this is what sets them apart from the rest. They usually have a fairly high self-esteem, which attracts and inspires confidence in their professionalism. By the way, if you set a goal for yourself, the mountains will be turned upside down, but it will be achieved.

Artistic and with a great sense of humor. Getting into new conditions, they quickly adapt, which allows them to achieve success in any business, no matter what they undertake.

Despite the general flexibility and ability to adapt, they are completely indestructible in terms of changing point of view. Now, if they decide something, they will not change their opinion, under no pretext and with a completely logical justification for the incorrectness of the chosen position. But they always give in to analysis of their mistakes in order to avoid failures in the future.

It’s just that they are not very successful in their personal lives. They are easy to seduce, so they often fall prey to people who are completely unfriendly to relationships.

Lowered corners girls lips

They are prone to depressive states due to their pessimism. Not confident in themselves and sometimes even shy. Why do they lack communication and attention?

In a relationship, they can show extra care and control, as they are afraid that they will lose a partner and thus strive to keep him. But this method is counterproductive. Which confirms their idea that they are unlucky in life and that no one can be trusted, since in any case pain and disappointment will follow.

In rare cases, they are distinguished by arrogance, which, in principle, as you can learn from this article, is a form of manifestation of an inferiority complex. Out of shame, a person excessively exaggerates his own merits and sincerely believes in them, condemning others for inappropriateness.

Raised corners

They have people around them who think that they are smiling at them, flirting and flirting. Therefore, they do not suffer at all from a lack of attention and love. Men and women with this form are mistaken for wonderful lovers and mistresses.

Such a person always has many fans, from which sometimes he does not know how to fight back. Because he is sympathetic and kind, does not want to hurt or inconvenience anyone.

Knows how to listen and support without depreciating or criticizing.

Not clearly traced

They indicate that such a person is devoid of willpower and strength of character. It is easy to control and manipulate. He looks at the world somewhat naive and carefree, not expecting danger and betrayal.

Clearly traced

They characterize the personality as romantic, airy and spontaneous, but at the same time intellectually developed and rational.


Most often, at a subconscious level, they are perceived negatively, considering their owner to be deceitful and unprincipled. But these are just prejudices, a person with asymmetrical lips is kind, sympathetic and very cheerful, active and curious, capable of “igniting” even a crowd.


Not just plump, but downright bulging, they belong to infantile people. They are capricious and irresponsible, they want to get pleasure without making any special efforts for this. They are suspicious and need a person who will constantly take care of them, or at least just be around.


Upper lip:

  • With a sharp hollow – a sign of a creative personality with an excellent memory. She is sociable, intelligent and purposeful.
  • With a rounded hollow – a sensitive and vulnerable nature. Even the slightest nuisance can “knock the ground out from under your feet.”
  • Without a hollow – stubborn and hard working. No difficulties are able to scare her, because she instantly begins to act, and not to think and be afraid.


And finally, to determine how much a person is inclined to sensual pleasures will help … an open mouth. If the lips are somewhat compressed – they are critical of you, if they are completely relaxed – this can serve as a manifestation of sympathy.