10 Trending Clothing Fashion Styles

fashion trends

We simply adore the world of modern fashion, which gives us a variety of images. Let’s explore 10 popular fashion styles that will satisfy the needs of the most capricious fashionistas. Looks straightforwardly sexy, modest, revived retro and ultramodern for comfort.

1. Animalism

Animal prints in clothes Animal print is not only leopard prints, but various others as well. Experts distinguish several types of this style, For example, spots of a Dalmatian, photographs or pictures of various animals. But the most common type is leopard. This print is almost always relevant, sometimes it becomes especially fashionable. Many girls have a handbag with this pattern in store for this case.

If leopard spots are a universal pattern, then in the context of winter 2020, the most trendy print is patterns in the form of reptile scales, especially snakes. Such options can often be seen on fashionable winter bags.

2. Lingerie fashion style

Lingerie fashion style

Femininity, sensuality, provocation – it’s all about him. Clothing in this style is usually filled with lace, satin and other flowing fabrics. Lingerie tops have not gone out of fashion for a long time, perhaps this is the most common version of clothing in this style. Dresses, shirts, pants that look like pajamas do not lose their popularity.

Previously, this style would have been considered vulgar in view of certain standards of morality and decency. Now there is underwear that does not need to be hidden . For example, fishnet bodysuits and bralettes.

3. Hollywood style

Hollywood style

This is exactly the kind of clothing that is customary to wear when coming to the red carpet. Interesting complex hairstyles, long dresses that maximally emphasize the figure, expensive high-quality fabrics and jewelry – this is how this style looks. Where to look for sources of inspiration? Of course, in luxurious images of celebrities flaunting in front of cameras on the red carpet.

4. Classics fashion styles

At its core, this style is associated with belonging to the highest category, first-class, exemplary, it is a tough dress code according to the rules of etiquette. Elegant simplicity is characteristic of the classic style. Everything is strict, not boring, and elegant.

And, of course, these are expensive classic shoes and a minimum of accessories. Basic colors: black, brown, gray, blue, white, red. This style does not tolerate the colorful and bright colors of the neon palette. This is not the place for catchy prints. Looks with a skirt or sheath dress will be a win-win option for a classic style.

5. Casual


This is the most common style among women of fashion. In addition, it is easily reproducible, most of the things that you need in order to compose an image in this style are already in your wardrobe. The casual style is a casual, casual, casual look. These are the kind of clothes that are comfortable.

There will be no tight and thin materials here. This style is characterized by neutral, basic, muted colors such as gray or coffee. However, there are exceptions. Jeans have become almost an integral part of the style.

6. Military fashion styles

It came into fashion for the first time in the era of the First World War; it was in this style that many women’s dresses, coats and raincoats were sewn. Now this style has gained a new wave of popularity, famous designers have begun to truly rethink it. It is characterized by the presence of chevrons, stripes, lacing and dull military colors: khaki, black or white, blue, marsh green. Military is rightfully one of the best fashion styles for real rebel women .

7. Minimalism fashion styles

This style is for those who want to reduce the number of things in their wardrobe, and then create new combinations within this number of things every day. It consists of a small number of images, which are characterized by simple laconic things of natural shades, as a rule, there are no rhinestones or other decorations.

Minimalism can be present in different types of wardrobe: in a business image, in a romantic one, in an everyday one, and so on.

8. Oversize



This style is characterized by the presence of plus size clothing. Today it is quite fashionable to wear baggy clothes. The overall aesthetic of your figure changes when wearing such items. This is a very simple yet effective trick that makes the look more interesting and comfortable.

Anything can be oversized, such as a sweater, coat, or even sneakers. In the context of footwear, it should be clarified that we are not talking about size per se. Only massiveness is meant here. If you have a size 35 Cinderella leg, do not wear a size 40 sneaker. Many women admit that the oversized style allows them to feel real freedom in every sense.

9. Vintage

Despite the fact that fashion is constantly in motion and in search of some new ideas, nevertheless, designers and women of fashion draw ideas from past centuries. Vintage is clothing of the old days, which was produced some time ago. This term is taken from the field of winemakers, it means a wine that has been aged under ideal conditions for several decades, it has an exquisite taste. Later, this term migrated into fashion. This style is characterized by the use of things that are more than thirty years old. This is the core of the ensemble.

Finding a quality thing in good condition and not worn out to the holes is still a hassle. Of course, vintage can simply be imitated. Stunning new outfits in retro fashion styles come to the rescue.

10. Vamp



This style is for those who want to show their sexuality. This includes things that emphasize the figure, a large neckline is welcome. Primary colors: red and black. Tight-fitting outfits, leather materials, velvet are welcome, in general, everything is sexy.

Outfits with black stockings will be an excellent basis for creating the image of a fatal beauty. The vamp style is all about sexy cuts, bodycon, stiletto heels and scarlet lipstick. Everything that men call “murderous beauty.”