Style Guide for Boots: Top 3 Brands You Should Know When Buying Boots


Boots are the type of shoe that every woman should have in her wardrobe. The shoes you slip on from early September through mid-April are definitely boots. Pairing them with any outfit is easy if you follow the style guidelines. There is a wide array of women boot types and brands to choose from.

For example, tall boots are knee-high boots that you can wear with leggings, skinnies and any casual outfit you choose. Ankle boots come up to your ankle. You can pair them with sweaters and jeans. Regardless if your style is feminine, edgy, fashion-forward or classic, there’s a boot type out there for you.  In these amazing types of footwear, you can walk, dance, work or shop. Buying boots is an exciting moment for every woman and in this article, we will present to you the top 3 brands you should know when choosing your next new pair of shining boots.


Bronx is a brand that creates confidence and happiness. Modern women want to escape the ordinary and both Bronx sneakers and boots are shoes that boost every woman’s confidence!

We recommend this brand because the boots that they design are stylish, comfortable and artistic! Bronx is a brand for women who want to experiment with different styles, look artistic and be brave! Bronx boots create the perfect combination of style, comfort and design. They have different models from cowboy boots that give you that sexy Texas vibe, to groovy hiking boots that can make your next hiking adventure unforgettable

Ivylee Copenhagen

If you are looking for Scandinavian simplicity with an edge and the pursuit of perfection, Ivylee Copenhagen boots are the best option for you. Every pair of boots that this brand creates is elegant with details that add to the artistic design. They are designed in Denmark and produced in Europe in close collaboration with selected craftsmen. If you buy a pair of boots from this brand you will definitely receive high quality, comfort, great design and elegance. Many people who visit Scandinavian cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm, or Oslo are fascinated by how well the Nordics combine their clothes with boots. This brand proves that Scandinavian boots can be artistic and combined with various outfits!


Akaada is a brand reinventing new horizons in the fashion world. Their boots have an amazing combination of minimalistic yet bold, comfortable yet stylish, and authentic yet timeless designs of every shoe. The contemporary global luxury brand creates boots for women that are modern, passionate and independent. We recommend this brand because Akaada produces boots of high quality and pays attention to every detail of the shoe. The boots labelled ‘Akaada’ are made while keeping the needs of every woman in mind. You can be a working woman, a travelling enthusiast, the most adventurous, or fashionably social, there are types of boots for everyone.

Most women have at least one pair of boots in their closet. Boots are great footwear and you can find a different type of boot for every season. Also there are many brands in the boots industry but these three definitely provide quality and good looking boots. Be brave and combine boots with different styles to achieve a stylish and fashionable look. Choose boots in interesting colors to have more interesting outfits.

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