3 Secrets to Making Your Lips Look Bigger (and Plumper)

Lips Look Bigger

When you look better, you feel better, right? Utilizing self-care can be as simple as splurging on a latte or painting your toenails while you watch Clueless for the 50th time (who’s counting?).  Would you like to know how to make your lips look bigger naturally? More prominent and fuller lips make you appear younger, so why not try it out? Read on for some secret tips on getting bigger lips at home without harsh treatments or chemicals. 

Secret Techniques

There are various makeup techniques that you can utilize to make your lips appear bigger. Get in the loop with these hacks to naturally make your lips look bigger. 


Numerous lip plumpers contain collagen peptides that slightly swell your lips to make them bigger. Some lip plumpers use natural ingredients like cayenne, peppermint and cinnamon to react with your lip skin for the same effects. 

Lip liners also effectively create a more luscious and plumper pout. When you overline your lips with a lip pencil, your lips appear bigger naturally. Use concealer or a nude to trace the outer lines on your lower lip. Start in the middle and work your way down below your bottom lip line. Continue upward from the center of your lips to the outer corners of your mouth and then repeat on your upper lip for the desired effect. 

You can then add a cream lipstick that will add an additional layer of hydration to your lips and make them appear bigger. The lip liner will help your lipstick last longer and not smudge as much. You can also try using two different tones of lipstick with a darker shade on the outside of your lips with a lighter one in the middle. Gloss adds some shine that makes your lips look bigger too!

Au Natural

Naturally, your lips can appear bigger with these tried and true methods to plump up your pout. Your lips don’t have to be significant to be beautiful, but a poutier set might make you feel like your best self. While you attend to your skin with face masks, try doing the same for your lips. Get some sleep masks to smooth out the skin on your lips. 

Exfoliate your lips first, either with a sugar lip scrub or just a dry toothbrush. Use small circular motions, watch that dead skin flake off and leave you with smooth, kissable lips! Too much exfoliation can irritate, so only do this about once a week. 

Essential oils can be used to make lips appear bigger too. The same ingredients that can be found in your lip plumpers can be added to your favorite gloss to achieve the desired effect. Cinnamon and peppermint essential oils increase blood circulation in your lips and make them appear much fuller. 

Facial Yoga

You’ve heard of yoga and how it helps shrink areas of your body. Have you heard of facial yoga, though? It has the opposite effect on your face! Facial yoga trains the ring of muscles around your mouth and helps to define and make your lips bigger. 

All you need is some moisturizing lip balm and a cup of water. You want to ensure you are hydrated and so are your lips. Suck in and puff up those cheeks with some air. Swish around the air in your mouth from one cheek to the other five times. This will help to reduce the fine lines around your mouth. Purse your lips like you’re blowing yourself kisses for up to one minute. The pursing motion will puff up your lips. 

Make a fish face and move your lips up and down about 20 times. Hold your lips for five seconds each time you go up and down. Make a shocked face and hold your mouth open for ten seconds. Relax and then repeat up to five times. Tightly close your lips, press them in and then relax. Do this exercise as many times as you like. 

Pucker Up

These tips are an excellent way to utilize self-care. They can also help determine if you like how fuller lips look on you if you’re considering getting filler. You’re beautiful just the way you are, but if it boosts your self-confidence, go for it! Life is too short!