Best Drink and Nicotine-Free Vape Pairings for 2022


Nicotine-free vapes are becoming increasingly popular. They come in a wide variety of flavors, and unlike tobacco, they cause no harm to the user’s health.

Thanksgiving 2022 is coming up very soon. Most people associate this with relaxing with a glass of their favorite drink. This post is right on time because it will help you find the perfect flavor of nicotine-free vapor to go with your favorite drink.

With nicotine-free vaping, you can experiment with a wide variety of taste combinations. So that you can have a one-of-a-kind experience when you use nicotine-free vapes, we’ve given you some options for what to drink with them.

Banana Vape and OJ

You’re probably curious to know what our favorite taste pairing is, and you might be surprised to learn that orange juice is it. First of all, we want to warn you not to vape a menthol-heavy flavor if you are drinking orange juice. 

Instead, we recommend the Nicotine-Free Gust Banana Disposable from Cyclone Pods to go along with your morning orange juice. Taking that first refreshing gulp of orange juice in the morning with a nicotine-free vaporizer that tastes strongly like fresh bananas is a surefire way to set the tone for a pleasant, satisfying day.

Raspberry Vape and Hot Apple Cider

The raspberry vape flavor turned out to be a very popular choice, mostly because it tastes just like the fruit but isn’t too strong. While most people opt for pure whiskey when enjoying a raspberry-flavored vaporizer, a cup of hot apple cider spiced with cinnamon is an equally great pairing.

In this traditional mix, the rich raspberry flavor of a nicotine-free vape goes well with the natural sweetness of cider and the spicy warmth of cinnamon.

Wine Pairings

It’s possible to pair several types of wine with nicotine-free vaporizers. The flavor of light rose wine is delicate and airy. Pair it with something sugary and fruity, like mango vape flavor, for the greatest experience.

Rich fruit flavors complement Chardonnay’s naturally sweet and nuanced flavor profile. Try it out with a nicotine-free vape juice that features guava and enjoy the delicious flavor combination.

Red wine is not a good match for overly sweet foods due to the complexity of its flavors. It goes best with strong flavors that can cut through the heaviness, like a nicotine-free, bold tobacco vape.

Energy Drinks and Watermelon Vape

The next thing we’ll do is pair our fruity vape with an energy drink. We’re sure that a nicotine-free watermelon e-cigarette will go well with your next energy drink-fueled day, whether you’re training for a race on your next run or just trying to stay awake after a long night of gaming. 

If you’re looking for something to complement your favorite energy drink, try this basic, sweet-tart-flavored vape. Usually, these beverages have very intense, almost sour candy flavors; a fast hit from this vape can let your taste buds enjoy the rest of the drink to the fullest.

Menthol Vape and a Berry Mojito

If you mix a menthol-flavored e-liquid that doesn’t have nicotine with a berry mojito, it will be very refreshing to vape. This hip duo is so harmonious together that “refreshing” is the only word that does them justice.

Mix the sugar, lemon juice, and blueberries together in a pitcher. Use a mortar and pestle to crush the mint leaves, then toss them into the container alongside a ton of ice. Combine the rum with the carbonated water and serve. Cool off with a refreshing drink in between draws on a nicotine-free, menthol-flavored e-cigarette.

Coffee Vape and Amaretto Liqueur

The Nicotine-Free Gust Coffee Disposable by Cyclone Pods seemed to work best with comparable complex flavors, such as those found in a premium amaretto liqueur, much like a nice cup of Italian coffee. 

Although we don’t have a favorite brand, we do recommend finding one with prominent almond and fruit undertones and spicy hints to balance out the full-bodied nicotine-free coffee vape.

Chocolate Cake Shot and Vanilla Vape

This charming duet will take you back in time and make you feel right at home. We found that chocolate was the natural complement to a vanilla-flavor vape. 

The Nicotine-Free Gust Vanilla Disposable by Cyclone Pods is like dessert in a puff. It is carefully made to taste sweet, like vanilla bean. Enjoy it with a shot of the opulent chocolate cake, and you’ll feel like the most refined person in the room.

The chocolate cake shot is a powerful combination of vodka and chocolate liqueur. If you want, add some sprinkles and whipped cream to embellish it. To truly appreciate the harmonious union of these two timeless pleasures, sip it and then take a drag of vanilla nicotine-free vape.

Visit Cyclone Pods to try these and other nicotine-free vape flavors with the recommended beverages or create your own delicious concoctions.