Why I would recommend makeO toothsi clear aligners to everyone I know!

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My father of 55 years old had an underbite. It wasn’t too bad but bad enough for it to bother him. Earlier he was just self-conscious of his looks but now it had started to cause him a lot of physiological problems. When they were growing up, being from a middle-class family, braces were too expensive, too tedious, and too extensive a process to take on for my grandmom who also had 4 other kids to look after.

But at this point now, he was in a lot of discomfort. The underbite was putting way too much pressure on the joint of the jaw giving him recurring headaches and earaches. It was also causing some tooth aches and a lot of discomfort in his jaw. So finally, after a lot of back and forth from my stubborn father, we decided to see a dentist.


First we went to the dentist who gave us a quick fix – pain medications, and then recommended us to an orthodontist. To get an appointment for the orthodontist, there was a almost a month-long wait but we waited and then went to see him. The orthodontist suggested that we get braces for my dad. My dad was in absolute shock and did not want to go through the hassle of braces at his age. The orthodontist was quite firm that this is only thing that might help him because it wasn’t so bad that surgery was required, and even if he got a surgery he would be required to wear braces for a while. We said we would think about it and return if the problems don’t subside. But they only got worse. Then I saw an ad for makeO toothsi clear aligners and decided to try it out since I didn’t need to wait so long or pay for the first consultation.

All I needed to do was book an appointment through their website or their app and a makeO toothsi pro was at our doorstep in no time. They took a scan of my dad’s teeth and within a week, we had a consultation with the dentists who took us through the entire procedure of how the clear aligners work. makeO toothsi clear aligners are orthodontist backed aligners 3D printed out of smooth, clear, durable plastic that essentially snaps your teeth into place.

My father being very skeptical was then eventually agreeing to get the traditional braces and did not trust makeO toothsi’s process for it seemed to good to be true. But after speaking to the dentist and reviewing his plan for the correction of his teeth where they showed him through smile makeover technology how his face would look after the treatment, he was bowled over.

He was still very distrustful of the procedure and said “It’s not going to work!”. I had to then coax him into it as this was so much better and easier than getting traditional braces. We didn’t need to go anywhere as everything was done completely virtually and also so much more affordable. They are completely invisible and don’t even show. The only thing I had to ensure is that he wore the makeO toothsi clear aligners 22 hours of the day which he was being quite meticulous with, himself.

2 years later, all the issues because of the underbite had gone and he looked and felt absolutely amazing and I only have makeO toothsi to thank. Their prompt service in case of any problem, and their product itself the makeO toothsi clear aligners were so easy to maintain and wear, yet so effective.

Their timely virtual tracking of smile makeover progress and mailing the new aligners periodically right to our doorstep was uber convenient. I would recommend makeO toothsi clear aligners to anyone who has any kind of teeth alignment issues. It is the easiest, most convenient and affordable way to get help if your teeth are bothering you.