Questions to Ask Your Wholesale Online T-shirt Seller

Online T-shirt Seller

If you are looking to sell t-shirts through online sales or a physical storefront, chances are you’ll have to deal with wholesalers at some point in time. 

T-shirts are popular items sold online, along with other novelty products like hats, mugs, and phone cases, to name a few. According to reports, cotton is one of the most widely used materials for manufacturing T-shirts worldwide.

If you are buying this apparel, you must check the quality of wholesale t-shirts before buying bulk, or else you might not be satisfied with the result. 

Here are questions you should ask your potential t-shirt, wholesale supplier:

#1 How Many Products Do You Deal In?

You must know the products that a company deals in before buying T-shirts from them. They must be selling multiple apparels and not just t-shirts. 

The seller must have a more comprehensive product range so that their catalog can cover a lot of designs. Different products like mugs, hats and phone cases come in various styles and colors. They must be selling multiple items to get varied options for your customers.

#2 Where Are the Products Manufactured?

Where are the t-shirts manufactured? You must know where they are made before buying them. Know the country of manufacture before you buy.

Cotton, polyester, and wool are widely used worldwide in manufacturing t-shirts and other garments. There are many countries where cotton is cultivated, and the best place depends on your needs and budget.  

If you want to sell them in your locality, it would be better to buy from a company with its manufacturing facilities nearby. It will reduce your shipping costs and increase your profit margins.

#3 What Are Your Shipping Costs?

You must know the shipping charges since t-shirts are bulky products. The supplier should offer reasonable rates for both rural and urban areas. 

Different companies have different rates for their customers, so you too should offer discounted rates to increase your sales.

#4 How Much is The Maximum Order Quantities?

What is the maximum order quantity for wholesale t-shirts from your company? You must know this before you place an order. 

You might not need bulk orders at the moment, but it’s good to have a pool of customers who can buy in bulk if you require them later. So, it’s better to check the maximum order quantity for T-shirts so that you don’t end up wasting your time if your needs are different.

#5 What is The Minimum Quantity You Need to Buy Per Product?

You should also know about the minimum quantity required per product before buying t-shirts wholesale from a company. Some companies set this limit to increase their revenue per sale.

If you are not buying in bulk, they might insist on selling the products at high rates, which is unsuitable for your business. So, make sure you know about the minimum quantity required before placing an order.

#6 How Many Designs Do You Offer?

What range of designs do you offer customers? Do you have a varied range of products or just one style?

You should buy t-shirts from companies that provide customers with multiple styles.

They must have sections for different categories so that their catalog can cover more designs.

You will get better options if there are many sections in the company’s catalog.

#7 What is Your Refund Policy?

What is your refund policy if the customers are not satisfied with the quality of wholesale t-shirts? You must know about this before buying t-shirts wholesale from a company.

Companies have different refund policies, so you should inform them that you might ask for refunds if the clients are unhappy with their products. It will increase your customer satisfaction, and the company might provide you with discounts on bulk orders.

#8 How Will You Deliver My Order?

You must know how they will deliver your order if you buy T-shirts wholesale from a company. They must offer shipping options so that customers can receive their products within the required time frame. 

Some companies charge for transportation so you must ask them the shipping charges and the delivery time. If you are buying in bulk, they might offer discounts on both things.

#9 How Long Have You Been In Business?

It’s good to know about its reputation before buying T-shirts wholesale from them. They must have a positive image on review websites to satisfy their customers with the products.

It will increase the chances of success because you will buy from a company that knows how to provide its customers with quality t-shirts at affordable prices. It’s always good to purchase t-shirts wholesale from companies that have been in business for more than five years. They know the market better and have a good image among their target customers.

Asking these nine questions will help you buy wholesale T-shirts that can solve your marketing needs. No company will offer all the answers within a short time frame, so make sure you ask them everything in detail to get the best deals on bulk orders.

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