Unique roses for Valentine’s Day 

All set for Valentine’s Day? Ready with your surprise and planned everything beforehand? Well it’s always great to step up your romance each time. And planning beforehand gives you a confidence boost. But flowers are usually last minute. You want fresh and sweet smelling and as per your flower inspiration. With elite flowers you can pick out and place an order for your valentine’s day flowers not just that but you will also get flower delivery in peoria az. Now you don’t have to worry about flowers selling out last minute, but a big responsibility is to pick what kind of flowers you want. 

Since roses are closely associated with love lets explore some unique rose flower arrangements for Valentine’s with Elite flowers and gifts – 

Red Roses – Red roses for valentine’s day is a classic. This association between red roses and love or romance dates back to Ancient Greek myths. Where folklore tells us various instances that gave rise to red roses, what was common in all these tales well love and also heartbreak. Aphrodite, the Goddess of love saw her lover Adonis attacked by a wild boar. Out of grief her tears fell on the ground and red roses began to bloom. You can go with a bunch of red roses or you can add other flowers to it like baby breaths and green filler to bring out the red. 

Pink Roses –  Even Though red ones are a popular choice, you can also go with other colors. Pink roses are just so sweet and always bring up the best smiles. You can go with pink ones if your partner likes pink or you want to keep it subtle. Pink roses come in various tones and you can pick accordingly. When it comes to what it means, well pink roses symbolize gratitude and admiration. Making it a great choice if you are confessing your love this Valentine. There are a billion ways to put together a lovely bouquet with pink roses. You can add white hydrangeas, purple solidago or Hyacinth along with green fillers. 

Orange Roses – If you want something out of the box, orange roses are the perfect choice. They bring in positive energy and pump you up. Orange roses symbolize passion, warmth, confidence and enthusiasm. Orange radiates zeal and gives you a boost. For this flower you can go with a garden mix to balance out the popping orange. Add to this hot pink daisies, asters, mini carnations and pink stargazer lilies. To make your bouquet stand out, pick an eccentric vase. 

White Roses -If you like to keep it simple and elegant why not pick white roses, they are very chic and give a luxurious feel. But for Valentine’s you need a little extra jazz, so club your white roses with red ones for a royal look. Or you can also go all pastel with lavender, light pink and white shades. The flowers you can have here are lavender stalk, mini carnations, blue delphinium. White roses are a symbol of peace, loyalty and innocence. 

Yellow Roses – With Florist in Glendale AZ you can get almost all colors of roses for various occasions, coming to yellow beauties, you can add to this other flowers like green poms, pink gerberas, coral roses, purple carnations and leather leaf fern.  Yellow roses are known to symbolize friendship and Joy. Yellow roses are also great where you want to express your love and adoration however there is no romance, like for your friends and family. 

Get these beautiful valentine flowers and make the day extra special and memorable. These lovely flowers will definitely bring a smile on the face of your loved ones and make them feel loved.