The Lego Movie streaming: where to watch online?

The world of Lego movies is full of innovative ideas, Comic aspects, and an adventurous story that attracts the attention of the audience. Its story focus on Emmet, an ordinary Lego mini-figure who helps a resistance movement and stops a tyrannical businessman from gluing everything in the Lego world into his vision of perfection. Here you are, someone, who is eager to watch it but struggling with the question Where can I watch the Lego Movie, then this is the right place for you. So, let’s enter into an amazing world of Lego movies and begin the fascinating journey of it.

7 Platforms to watch Lego movies

If you are highly interested in watching Lego movies and still have a doubt where can I watch the Lego movies? Then keep your nerves calm because we are going to tell you about the best 7 platforms to watch Lego movies, note down the list –

Streaming Services

Some famous streaming services are more suitable and user-friendly for watching Lego movies. These platforms offer several movies, web series, and TV shows including many Lego titles. Here are introducing some best streaming services to watch Lego movies –

  • Netflix: Netflix sometimes features Lego movies. To watch it on Netflix, you can search a title “The Lego Movies” and “The Lego Batman Movies”.
  • Amazon Prime Video: You can either purchase or take Lego movies on rent. This feature makes Amazon Prime Video, a more versatile option for the users looking to watch Lego movies on it.
  • Disney+: Disney+ is treated as a home to Lego content. It acts as their franchise and that is why you can find Lego movies here too.
  • HBO Max: You can explore some Lego movies on HBO Max as well. It has a huge range of movie content available for its audience.

Purchase and Take on Rent Digitally

If you are still confused about where can I watch Lego movies? Here is another option, which is flexible and more user-friendly. You can easily go for an option of digital rental and purchases. There are lots of digital platforms where you can access Lego movies. Here are some easy rental and purchase options for you –

  • Google Play Movies & TV: Lego movies are available on Google Play movies and TV and you can watch the Lego movies after renting or purchasing them.
  • Microsoft Store: On Microsoft’s digital store, you can access Lego movies for rental or purchase purposes. You can retrieve them on Xbox, Windows devices, or other compatible platforms.
  • iTunes: This is another big platform where you can get a wide range of Lego movies for rent and purchase. Here you can also get a digital copy of Lego movies and can watch it on any device.


To get a physical copy of Lego movies, you can buy DVDs and CDs of Lego movies. You can purchase DVDs from retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. The best part about it is that you can watch them without depending upon an internet connection. Those who love to have a large collection of physical copies of Lego movies can go for this option.

Cables/Satellite Televisions

With cable or satellite connection, you can also get access to Lego movies through services provided by a TV provider. These Services provide a range of movies that you can rent and watch at your convenience. If Lego movie comes under your subscription list then you can access them on the cable television platform.

Library Rentals

If you are someone who is looking for a platform where you watch Lego movies only once or twice, then you can easily rent them from local libraries. This is a high-cost platform for watching Lego movies. For this, you either has to visit local libraries or their websites to check whether Lego movie is available or not. If it is not available at that time, you can borrow it as well.

Theaters of Lego Movies

Didn’t find out your answer for the question where can I watch Lego movies? Here comes another platform for you. If you are someone who is interested in watching Lego movies on a big screen then you should go with the option of Lego movie theaters. The drawback of it is that Lego movies have very short time release dates. You can only access Lego movies within 2-3 weeks after a release.

Digital Movie Stores on Smart TV

Many smart TVs have the feature of having digital movie stores or apps, where you can either buy or rent Lego movies. All you need to do is to install that application on their smart TV followed by searching for Lego movies there. And you are ready to watch the Lego movie there on an appropriate screen size.


Are Lego movies streaming anywhere?

currently, you can watch “The Lego Movie” streaming on Max Amazon Channel, MAX, etc.

Is Lego a Disney movie?

Answer- A deal with Universal was set for a limited 5-year film deal with Warner Bros. still owning the previous films.


With these 7 methods, you have a variety range of options to select your way to watch a Lego movie. It Doesn’t Matter whether you prefer to watch it by using physical copy, streams, cables, or any other mode. Here are numerous Lego movie-watching options to suit your preference. Begin your Lego movie cinematic journey today. Whatever you prefer, there is a way to immerse yourself in an exciting world of Lego movies. So, gather your bricks and get ready for a cinematic adventure. We are hoping that you can decide “Where I Can Watch the Lego Movie” now.