Innovative Makeup Organizing Ideas for Small Spaces

Makeup Organizer

Are you a beauty lover and have different types of makeup with you? If yes, you have to find enough space to place each of your items easily. Many times, young girls fail to get enough space to keep their makeup products properly. A few of them may face difficulty to find specific products in the case of requirement. To overcome this issue, we have shared a few makeup-organizing ideas for various small spaces.

Makeup-organizing ideas for small spaces

Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Acrylic Makeup Organizer comes in compartments and drawers of different sizes so that each item can occupy its separate space. The acrylic organizer works well for all, who do not have enough drawer space. Moreover, the acrylic appears good while you sit out on the counter. You will find multiple options to fit your makeup products. Depending on your choice, you may organize according to categories, such as eye shadow palettes in one, and lipstick in another. In doing so, you will find your cases and organizers to fit your makeup items well.

Drawer Inserts

If you get easy access to the available drawer space, you will find drawer inserts an excellent choice. They fit easily in your drawers by providing separate slots for each of the products. You may separate drawer inserts and mix or match them to fit your makeup products and drawers.

Mirrored Glass Tray

Do you want to use the storage space as a wonderful décor along with applying makeup-organizing ideas? Just go with the mirrored glass tray to display your skincare products, perfume, and other essentials. Mirrored glass trays give a pretty look with vanity products of your choice. Other than the display of lipsticks and perfumes, you may even use mirrored glass trays to store your earrings, rings, and other daily wear jewelry items.

Combination of Makeup Cases and Dividers

You may use the combination of makeup cases and dividers to organize your everyday essentials easily. A major benefit to use this combination is that it allows you to find your daily use items quickly. Moreover, you may easily move the dividers for fitting your products to come up with the right fit every time you want. The placement of each of your makeup items separately is perfect for your skincare so that a particular case suits perfectly for your makeup. With dividers, you always stay well informed of the right place to visit while searching for a specific product.

Palette Organizer

If you want to keep the drawers free of clutter, you must look for palette organizers. You may store each of your eye shadow palettes vertically. Moreover, a clear design lets you grab the right one to use.

Makeup Brush Organizer

Makeup-organizing ideas also focus on keeping makeup brushes in a clean and organized way. Many women and young girls use a wide range of brushes. In this situation, placing face brushes and eye makeup brushes separately is a challenging task. Hence, you must look for various organizers, which come equipped with multiple spaces to resolve the issue. Other than this, you should place your face brush away in a cabinet while leaving them. Alternatively, you may use brush holders with covers to avoid the landing of any dust particle on your brush.

Rotating Type Makeup Organizer

If you want a single product for organizing your makeup, you must select a rotating type makeup organizer. The product stacks vertically to occupy the least possible space. The organizer has different compartments to fit each of your products. As the name highlights, it can rotate 360 degrees to help you in finding the product you want. Rotating makeup organizers fit many products, because of which they are preferable when you do not have enough countertop space.

Tiered Shelves

If you are still searching for makeup-organizing ideas, we recommend you declutter your various cosmetic cases. Later, you have to place them on tiered shelves to display appealingly. You may even go with non-slip lining to prevent falling of your products everywhere.

Glass Jars to Store Lip Colors

You may organize your glosses and lipsticks well by using various glass jars. Later, you may arrange the jars in almost every way you want. These include lipstick brands, lipstick colors, and packaging sticks or tubes.

Carousel Organizer

You may easily come up with innovative makeup-organizing ideas with carousel organizers. What would be better than transforming the makeup drawer into a spinning device to find whatever you want in a flash?

Desk Organizers

Desk organizers are exclusive vanity organizing stations. The storage item is useful to file paperwork. However, you may even use it to store your makeup items. The reason is that it features four different types of drawers, which are big enough to store your essentials.

Hanging Shoe Organizers

Hanging shoe makeup-organizing ideas work well for small rooms and dorms. You only have to hang the shoe by a door or corner and put your makeup items in pockets. You may even put labels on various plastic pouches to organize better.

Old Candle Jars

Give new life to your old candle jars by using them as cute makeup storage. You only have to put your makeup brush in the jar. Alternatively, you may place pebbles to give an extra charm.

Empty/Unused Gift Boxes

If you have empty or unused gift boxes, you may use them as the most affordable makeup organizers. You may create compacts, mini compartments, and similar others.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

We recommend you avoid throwing plastic bottles after having your favourite beverage. Instead, you should cut and decorate the bottle to make it an inexpensive and lightweight makeup organizer.


Small spaces and limited storages are big problems for many makeup lovers. With excellent storage solutions, you organize your makeup items and give an appealing look. The key here is to find ways to organize the items you have, like jars, boxes, trays, glass, bottles, and many more. Just use your vintage items to create exclusive makeup organizers and storage.