Impacted Wisdom Teeth: 5 Common Problems

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Taking care of your teeth is important. Perhaps, the only time we decide to visit a dentist is when there’s a sharp pain making us suffer for days on end due to an extreme toothache. And especially if you’re in your early 20s, developing pain from impacted wisdom teeth is the most common type of dental trouble. 

Often the pain would force you to opt for surgical removal of the teeth and you must know the right dentist in Hyderabad to have a hassle-free treatment. If you’re already going through a difficult time because of a sharp pain following the eruption of impacted wisdom teeth, you must visit a doctor. While your busy schedule might not allow you to physically visit a doctor, try and book a doctor online. A constant ignorance of wisdom tooth pain may result in several other dental complications and we will tell you one by one, what they are and how severe they can get. 

What are impacted wisdom teeth that need you to book a doctor online?

The third molars situated towards the very back of your mouth are the impacted wisdom teeth, which often don’t get enough space to grow and develop naturally. They are the last set of teeth to emerge as you enter adulthood. 

Generally, people have two sets of wisdom teeth — two from the lower jaws and two from the upper ones. 

And since they don’t come out distinctly, it is difficult to clean them. As a result, unclean-impacted wisdom teeth are more likely to cause tooth decay and gum disease than other teeth.

So, if you’re facing any trouble with the impacted wisdom teeth, we suggest you book a doctor online or visit the best dentist in Hyderabad. 

There are different types of impacted wisdom teeth:

  1. Mesial impaction: When your wisdom tooth is angled towards the front of your mouth.
  2. Horizontal impaction: When your wisdom tooth is trapped beneath your gums and is lying on its sides.
  3. Distal impaction: When your wisdom tooth grows angled towards the back of your mouth.
  4. Vertical impaction: Although the wisdom tooth is rightly angled, it is still trapped beneath the gum.

Common problems arising from impacted wisdom teeth

Damage to other teeth

As we said, the problems from impacted wisdom teeth might not be visible on the surface but likely they are causing damage to the nearby teeth. Wisdom teeth can grow at any angle and they push out into the roots of neighboring healthy teeth. Further, they can also cause overcrowding inside your mouth. Overcrowding can also cause other teeth to start shifting and when teeth start to shift, it can be even more painful. In such cases, it’s time you seek orthodontic treatment from a good dentist in Hyderabad. 


Where do wisdom teeth develop? They develop in a sac inside the jaw. An impacted or incongruous growth often fills the sac with fluid that can damage the jawbone, nerves and other teeth. This often leads to the development of a benign tumor that must be operated on. As they affect the gums also, they can develop into serious health concerns over time. So, a person developing pain around the impacted wisdom tooth in the gum area must book a doctor online and seek immediate medical treatment.


Tooth decay is one of the most common problems of an impacted wisdom tooth. Due to difficulty in cleaning, food often gets trapped in between the gum and beneath the tooth. Due to this, there is bacterial growth that slowly breaks down a healthy tooth. Eventually, this can create an abscess or a pocket in the tooth. This can further escalate to develop pinhole cavities which lead to more complex dental issues. And all of these, if unchecked by a dentist in Hyderabad, can lead to a loss of the tooth. 

Gum disease

Impacted wisdom teeth often lead to a swollen and painful gum, a condition known as pericoronitis. Pericoronitis is most common around the lower wisdom tooth. Due to this condition, you may find it difficult to eat because you tend to bite on the swollen and affected area. An untreated pericoronitis will accentuate other dental problems and needs you to immediately book a doctor’s appointment. 

Other problems 

There are several other kinds of pain that may develop due to your impacted wisdom teeth i.e., sharp headache, stiffness and pain in your jaw, chances of stabbing your tongue and so on. Often a headache may lead to pain around your neck and throat too if you have not yet sought medical intervention or visited a dentist in Hyderabad. 

Book doctor online and take care of your wisdom tooth 

It’s imperative to begin to take care of your impacted wisdom teeth in order to avoid any oral health complications. You might not necessarily need to have a wisdom tooth extraction if you are adept at taking care of it.

Don’t wait for the pain to exacerbate. Immediately book the best dentist in Hyderabad and talk with dental professionals to follow precautionary measures. It’s advisable that you take recommendations even before your wisdom tooth starts to erupt.

Although you cannot prevent the growth of an impacted wisdom tooth, you can definitely find ways to reduce the pain.