How to Get Sun-Kissed Skin in 2023

Sun-Kissed Skin
It is always a blessing to wake up to healthy. beautiful, and clear skin regardless of the weather. A sun-kissed look makes the skin appear even-toned and lustrous, which encourages the latest fashion trend, the “no-makeup look.” For some people, the sun-kissed look comes naturally because of their glowy and dusky complexion. In contrast, for others, a tanned look comes from spending hours taking a sunbath or strategically using cosmetics. No matter how enticing it may sound, sitting under the sun for hours or spending hours inside a tanning bed to get exposed to harmful radiation, is not healthy.
Therefore, we have curated five simple ways to get the perfect sun-kissed skin in 2023 without compromising your health and wellness.

1. Don’t just sit, Keep Moving

The most common complaint from people is the uneven tanning of their skin when they sit for hours under the sun. Most people spend the whole day sitting on a chair, exposing only one side of their body to the sun, hence, the non-uniform tanning.
The best way to counter the problem is to indulge in some outdoor activity that keeps a person moving. Running in a park, playing beach volleyball, or working out in the sun helps loss body weight and enhances skin health. Athletes often have a beautiful tan on their bodies because they are always active. Exercise flushes out toxins, increases blood circulation, and gives a natural blush. Also, the outdoor movements ensure uniform tanning to your skin.
Furthermore, the sweat acts as natural tanning oil, which is why many sportspeople have a bronzed look. Taking a good cold shower after training will retain the blush and tan. Follow that with a good night’s sleep for rejuvenation of the skin and wake up the next day with fresh, sun-kissed skin.

2. Moisturize and Use Sunscreen

Most people suffer from skin discoloration, uneven skin tone, and sunburn problems due to a lack of skin protection and overexposure to the sun’s UV rays. The skin surface automatically regenerates, and that’s when the tan also disappears.
To retain the tan and avoid any sun damage, one should always use a moisturizer. It keeps the skin hydrated and lustrous. Apply body lotion after the sunbath to retain the tan for longer. Moisturize the skin to maintain skin cells and beautiful complexions. It prevents the skin from drying, thus avoiding breakouts and acne.
Along with the moisturizer, don’t forget to apply a layer of sunscreen. Protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun is the first rule while stepping out. A sunscreen with SPF 30 will work for regular days, but if the plan is to spend a day at the beach, use an SPF 50 sunscreen for better coverage. Remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours.
Moisturizer and sunscreen work together to protect the skin from early signs of aging and give the skin a balanced and youthful appearance.

3. Eat Carotenoid rich foods

The tan or dark skin tone appears due to the release of the melanin pigment triggered by the sun rays. These sun rays are also the reason for skin cancer and early aging signs.
Eating healthy, balanced, and nutritious food is vital in maintaining healthy skin. A skin-friendly diet must include protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and healthy fats. According to a study, food also affects skin color. One can achieve sun-kissed skin by consuming carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables.
Carotenoids are the pigments that give the fruits and vegetables the bright red, yellow, and orange shades. Skin coloration achieved by consuming carotenoid-rich foods like broccoli, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, and apricots offers a healthy sun-kissed appearance to the skin than the forced melanin coloration from overexposure to the sun.
Consuming carotenoid-rich food is not just good for the skin but also offers many health benefits like boosting heart health, enhancing immunity, strengthening bones, and improving eye health. Apart from this, one should also follow a low sugar diet, which prevents skin inflammation.

4. Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps in removing the dead skin and reveals new skin underneath. It evens and smoothens out the tanned skin tone. Go for a full-body scrub before leaving for a vacation to remove any dead skin that can block the sun rays. A scrubbed skin helps soak the sun’s rays better, giving a beautiful tan.
Removing the dead skin not only gives a fresh look but also helps in easy penetration of any skincare and tanning product because of empty and clean pores that soak the product quickly and provide faster results.
Use an exfoliator to scrub the body and especially the knees and ankles, where the skin is the thickest. After scrubbing, take a shower in lukewarm water to rinse the product off the skin.

5. Makeup

Ladies can get a sun-kissed look with the help of makeup products too without worrying about the harmful sun rays. A bronzer is one such makeup product that every lady should have in their vanity kit for the perfect sun-kissed look. Use it to contour nicely on the top of the cheek, temple, and lightly on the outline of the face.
Also, there are sunless tanning products that include tanning lotions and sprays that can give the skin a sun-kissed glow. As the name suggests, sunless tanning removes the need for sun exposure and hence protects the skin from UV ray damage.
For the eye makeup, use a golden shade eye shadow that blends beautifully with the bronzer. Orange and corals also work well for a sun-kissed look. Apply it on the top, corner, and crease of the eyelid. Finish the eye makeup by adding mascara and black eyeliner.
The sun-kissed look is all about the dewy finish. Use glossy lipstick instead of matte lipstick and stick to neutral colors based on your skin tone. A gentle swirl of pink blush on your cheek gives a natural youthful glow. Lastly, finish the sun-kissed look by gently patting a highlighter on the cheeks and the cupid’s bow. Remember to use the products over the right places and not overdo the makeup to maintain a natural look.


To sum it up, one can easily assimilate the above tips into their daily life. Now that you know the ways to get a perfect sun-kissed look, go ahead and flaunt it. These tips will keep you prepared for a long-lasting summer tan.