How to Get Rid of Hiccups Fast with 8 Techniques: Speedy Hiccups Cures

Hiccups are unintentional contractions of the diaphragm that are harmless but repeated hiccups can disrupt daily activities. Imagine a scenario, where you are presenting an important presentation to your boss, or in front of your interviewer for the final round of the interview, and hiccups happen all of a sudden, it will not only disrupt your performance but also make you feel embarrassed in front of them. Do you want to know How to Get Rid of Hiccups Fast, then you are on the right track. We will take you through the best techniques that help you stop the sudden hiccups and give you relief from them.

How to Get Rid of Hiccups Fast:

1. The Holding Breath Classic Technique


If hiccups causing you trouble and you want to know How to Get Rid of Hiccups Fast, then holding your breath is the classic way to get relief from them. When you hold your breath, it will disrupt the rhythmic pattern of the hiccups and put your diaphragm in the resting condition. To incorporate this method, you need to take deep and slow breaths through your nose. Hold the breath for a certain time without straining and then exhale it slowly. Doing this several times will disrupt the hiccups chain and then you can move to normal breathing.

2. Hydration Method: Drinking Water

Drinking water is one of the effective ways to get rid of the hiccups. Making yourself hydrated or drinking water helps stimulate the vagus nerve that controls the involuntary systems of the body. Drinking water triggers a process of reflexes that disrupt the chain of hiccups. You can take a glass of water a room temperature and take small and controlled sips without pausing between swallows. This helps stimulate the back of the throat where the vagus nerve is situated. This method helps in getting you back on the normal rhythmic motion of the diaphragm.

3. A Sweet Sugary Solution for Hiccups

Do you ever imagine that sugar can be a solution to your hiccups? Want to know How to Get Rid of Hiccups Fast by using sugar, the solution is here. You have to take a teaspoon of granulated sugar place it over your tongue and give it some time to dissolve without chewing. This helps enhance the interaction between the sugar’s graininess and the irritation it causes in the phrenic nerve. These nerves play a crucial role in relaxing the hiccup. It will give you the quick relief from the hiccups.

4. Breathing Into A Bag Technique

This is another way to alleviate hiccups effectively. It found that an increased level of carbon dioxide from the exhaled breath helps in maintaining the breathing pattern of the body and can break the chain of hiccups. When you breathe in a paper bag, exhaled carbon dioxide gets trapped in it, which leads to an increase in the carbon dioxide level in your bloodstream. This process helps in changing the rhythmic patterns of the diaphragm. Make sure, you should not do it for a longer period, so it will not create any dizziness in your body.

5. Gargling with Cold Water Technique

If you are thinking about How to Get Rid of Hiccups Fast with cold water gargling, then yes, it is possible to control the hiccups with this technique. The nature of cold water and the act of gargling, provide stimulation to the vagus nerve, which helps in controlling various functions of the body including hiccups. This process helps normalize the spasms of the diaphragm which is responsible for hiccups. Take a small sip of cold water and tilt your head in the back a little bit, then start gargling for a few seconds. The cold sensation from the water triggers the response of the nerve and can provide relief from hiccups.

6. Holding Knees to Chest Technique


This is also one of the best methods to give you relief from the hiccups. All you need to need in this technique is to sit down comfortably in a position and bring your knees to your chest, making them hug closely to the chest. Apply pressure to your diaphragm, which is the main muscle responsible for controlling the breathing pattern of the body. This process will help in regulating the spasms in the diaphragm that are responsible for hiccups.

7. Use of Shocking Distraction

This is also one more unique way to tackle the hiccups fast. In this method, you have to surprise your body with an unexpected and sudden event that can divert your attention. This type of shock can trigger the body to shift the focus from hiccups and eliminate it effectively. You can ask someone to help you by making a loud noise, shouting, or startling you. This can shift your attention towards the hiccups and you will get relief from it.

8. Swallow Vinegar Technique

This is one of the best natural and home remedy to control the hiccups. It involves, taking a teaspoon of vinegar and swallowing it slowly. The vinegar is acidic in nature and helps in stimulating the vagus nerve, which can give you relief from h ehiccups. The sour taste of vinegar triggers nerve responses and controls the hiccups at the same time. Also, remember to mix the vinegar in a small amount of water to prevent your throat or stomach from any kind of irritation and lining.


These are the best techniques for How to Get Rid of Hiccups Fast. Hiccups can arise at any the time even the time when you don’t want any kind of disruption. But you don’t worry about it at all, these techniques are best and unique to control the hiccups. You don’t have to go to an expert to incorporate them into action. These are home remedies that can set you free from sudden hiccups. You can choose any of your favorite ways to control your rhythmic patterns.