Best 5 Face Yoga Exercise For Glowing Skin

Yoga Exercise

Glowing skin can easily be achieved with a good skincare routine, but also it can be done with a healthy balanced diet and exercise. But if you will give yourself a quick 5-minute facial massage then it can be an absolute game changer. Facial Yoga helps drain water retention, it will help to boost blood circulation and gives you glowing skin. As much you work for the facial muscle you will see that the lift and the great tone to the skin. You can give yourself some face yoga exercise then it will be really helpful for your skin.

What is Face Yoga and How Does it Work?

As we grow in life, we lose elasticity and collagen in our skin. It will cause for having wrinkles, fine lines and signs of more ageing. The facial yoga exercises help for tightening the skin and reduce the early signs of ageing. The face yoga exercises glow to the skin and help for building and strengthen the muscles as Facial Yoga. Stronger muscles will help for having lesser signs of ageing, and appear tighter on the surface. Facial yoga benefits for re-contouring the face and reducing puffiness and dark circles.

Face Yoga Exercise for Glowing Skin

For proper skin care then you should try facial yoga in your daily routine for glowing skin. Before you start, just gently massage your skin with serum, facial oil or moisturiser to keep it supple and soft.

1. Fish Pose

First, you have to suck in your cheeks and then purse your lips to resemble a fish face. Now stay in the same pose, then try to smile as hard as you can. While you will be performing face yoga exercises then relax other parts of your face. Make sure that there are no lines created around the crow feet region while performing the pose. You have to repeat it 4 times in one day in your Skincare routine.

2. Face Tapping

You have to apply moisturiser on your face, after then you have to use it on the fingertips and then gently tap all over the face. This Facial Yoga starts with the forehead and then moves towards with cheeks, collarbone, nose, chin and neck too. Then you have to continue it for 20-39 seconds, you should repeat this process twice each day as Face yoga for glowing skin. It will give you results early.

3. Utter an O

For the facial yoga exercise, then sit straight and relax. Just you have to widen your eyes and stretch your lips for making an O shape. Then stay in this position for 15-30 seconds. You have to repeat it 3 times, it will help to prevent fine lines and that will gradually boost blood circulation in the skin Face yoga for glowing skin. With better blood circulation, oxygen reaches every part of the skin, which provides a glow in it.

4. Pout and Smile

Most of the girls have been doing facial yoga exercises, mainly pouting, for many years during the photo sessions. People can look at how to do things correctly for achieving glowing skin. Bring your lips together and then form a pout in this Facial Yoga. Then hold it for a second and then smile wide. Now, you have to do this exercise as fast as you can. You can repeat this at least 10-20 times a day for getting the best results with Facial Yoga.

5. Pufferfish

You can keep one finger on your lips to prevent air from escaping and then widen your eyes. Now, you have to try to move the air from left to right within your mouth. It is the best and easiest facial yoga exercise. Hold this for a few seconds and then you can relax and then you can repeat 2-3 times.

Face Yoga Tools That Are Worth Trying

1. RAS luxury oils Jade Gua Sha

It is made with 100% pure jade stone, Gua Sha tool helps for boosting blood circulation in the face and enhances a healthy glow in Facial Yoga. It helps for reduces the signs of ageing and puffiness while contouring and lifting the skin. For perfect deep lymphatic drainage, this Gua Sha stone helps for stimulates and relax muscle tensions. Apply one face serum or mist on the clean face and glide the Gua Sha stone in an outward motion using light to medium pressure with Facial Yoga.

2. Majestic Jade Face Roller and Massager

Face roller that helps for increasing collagen production, lymphatic drainage and blood circulation while sufficient oxygen to the skin. It is made with 100% jade stone. This Facial Yoga jade face roller helps for reducing dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. For that use the face roller daily for having a youthful glow. It will help for getting glowing skin on some days.

3. House of Beauty Face Life Pro Kit

It is an electric massager and the house of beauty facelifts the pro kit which is a micro currently device in Facial Yoga. It delivers small electrical stimulation that helps strengthen the facial muscles, and tone and tighten the skin. Use this Facial Yoga tool to tone the facial features and then make them look chiselled.

4. House of Beauty 24k Face Massager

Perfect for your facial workout, the 24k gold massager vibrates 6000 times in one minute. The gold ions present in the massager activate skin cells, that lets to increase skin elasticity and then reduces the signs of ageing like wrinkles and age spots. It will help to stimulate the facial muscles and then makes them firmer and tighter.