Celebrate your first wedding anniversary with these Christmas flowers

wedding anniversary

First wedding anniversaries are certainly special and romantic. You get to make your spouse feel like the most important person at home. You can reminisce about the memories you both have cherished in the past year. All this could be done by significantly arranging a serene and beautiful venue for the anniversary celebration. You can also decorate your home on this occasion of love and affection. You must pick her favorite Christmas flowers to make the day look merry and captivating. 

Several blooms are waiting for you to be picked and spread immense love and joy all around. Even your guests would feel quiet and cheerful around the magnificent atmosphere caused by the blooms. The best Christmas flowers to celebrate your first wedding could be 

  • Roses

You might want to consider a bouquet of bright and garden-fresh roses when you are on your way to attend your wedding anniversary event. Roses are known for depicting profound love, understanding, and bliss. This will make the celebrating couple feel blessed and on top of the cloud. The bright pink color is attached with notes of happiness, gentility, and admiration. Decorating or sending someone enchanting red roses would mean that you wish them a lifetime of togetherness, love and devoutness. You can also choose white roses for highlighting the nobility and loyalty you share with your partner. Roses are considered renowned elegant Christmas flowers in Southport NC.

  • Lilies

When you consider an event too spiritual, lilies are the ornaments for such a case. Lilies depict holiness and enormous love. You can choose white universal lilies to display modesty, innocence, and honesty. Different shades of lilies portray different symbolism just like any other bloom. A first wedding anniversary celebration ought to be celebrated with red lilies to embark on passion and true love. You can also pick pink stargazer lilies for embracing her grace and refinement. Pink lilies are tender and calming in nature. That’s why Lilies are referred to as magnificent Christmas plants.

  • Orchids

Your love and excitement for your partner must grow vividly with the passing years. It must still feel new and at its peak. You can convey your message of igniting love by gifting your wife a bouquet of enchanting orchids. These blossoms seize the day of your life partner and make them feel blessed to be your spouse. Gifting your spouse blue orchids would represent that you treat her with respect and royalty. Red orchids are a symbol of deep love, fidelity, and renewal. Gifting red orchids would mean that you are excited about the new journey with your beloved.

  • Carnations

Carnations are charming blossoms for any kind of occasion that may occur in your life. Whether it is Valentine’s Day, Farewell Day, Mother’s Day, or a Wedding Anniversary, carnations are supposed to spark up the event. Their cushy huge petals are eye-catching and the mellow fragrance is hypnotizing. You can choose the divine red carnation for your first wedding anniversary to adorn your home and your bedroom. This flower signifies throbbing love, desire, and fondness. You can also pair red carnations with pink carnations for creating a fascinating contrast of hues. Pink carnations also denote true love and grace. The Flower Shop in Southport NC has astounding carnations for every event.

  • Gerberas

When you want to emphasize the strength and intensity of your love then the gerbera flower might be the right pick for you. These flowers denote the potency and vigor of one’s relationship with their soulmate. You can pick orange gerberas for symbolizing the compassion, faithfulness, and warmth of your marriage. A red gerbera denotes long-lasting love and loyalty. Selecting pink gerberas for your lover is a symbol of deep love and tenderness. We trade the most appealing gerberas to your doorstep through our Flower delivery in Boiling Springs, NC.


Christmas flowers are marvelous for any event as they are arranged in a way to scatter light and pleasure. They make any occasion turn enthusiastic and comforting for one’s peace of mind. You can acquire a set of glamorous bouquets of Christmas flowers by ordering them immediately through Wild by Nature online flower store in Southport NC. We confirm to get you our garden-fresh blossoms within the anticipated time.