5 Easy Tips for Selecting a Great Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

5 Easy Tips for Selecting a Great Wedding Venue

You already know planning a major event can be a challenge and your wedding is truly a major event. Ideally, you and your fiancé will have several months to plan and organize the wedding date. An important item on your wedding planning checklist is to select the venue for the big day.

The good news for couples in the Toms River, New Jersey area is there are many wonderful venues nearby. Ocean county means the best of the Jersey Shore and a seaside venue is always a great choice. In addition to the seaside banquet halls, several yacht clubs and manor houses that are ideal for a wedding, this region has several wineries and historic mansions to consider as an ideal location for your reception.

The selection of a wedding venue is an important part of the wedding plan and lead time is very important. Great venues in the May/June timeframe are often booked a year in advance. Start as soon as possible. The day you announced your engagement you can expect to start discussions about the guest list. Start your venue selection search at the same time and apply these 5 basic suggestions to get the best venue for the big day.

Set the Guest List

You and your fiancé should sit down together and work together on an estimated headcount. It is an estimate since there will always be last-minute adds, and cancellations and other tweaks to your list. A key aspect of your guest list estimate is to identify those relatives and friends that are most likely to attend. An approximate headcount is the first step in venue planning since capacity is a consideration and pricing for food and other services are often on a per head basis. You will need a solid guest list estimate to help develop a budget.

Set a Budget

The big event can get expensive and there should be a reasonable budget plan for the entire wedding to include everything from the invitations to the honeymoon. As a new couple starting out together with a significant debt burden is not a good idea. Put together a realistic spend plan and lovingly agree to stick to it.

The venue budget is a component of the overall budget and the cost is driven by several factors that you and your fiancé consider most important for your guests. A good rule of thumb is the wedding venue should be in roughly 40% of your overall budget. Part of the budget should be set aside for unplanned expenses that will certainly come up.

Set a Date

The planned date is a very important step that drives the entire wedding plan and can impact your budget. The availability of venues can vary by seasonal factors. For wedding venues Toms River, Late Spring through Early Autumn are the best times to book a venue. You may consider a Friday or Sunday wedding since Saturday dates tend to book quickly and there may be better pricing on other days.

Set the Theme

The theme or type of reception you would like to have is an important step before creating a shortlist of possible venues. Often couples choose a location or wedding theme that reflects their shared interests. The theme may involve and an outdoor location. Others want a simple place with a greater emphasis on food, wine, and music. Once the type of reception you have in mind is set, you and your fiancé can start the search for the perfect wedding venue.

Set the Selection Criteria

With a headcount, budget estimate and type of reception, you have planned, the next step is to get all the essential details on each of the possible venues. Prepare a list of important requirements for the reception and get ready to ask a lot of questions.

The first question should be in regards to on-site support. Is there an event coordinator that can assist with the many details? If not, then a great deal more planning is required.

The next questions regard the capacity of guests and time. Can the venue comfortably accommodate your guest list? Do you have the facility for 24 hours or some time slot that can limit set up and clean up time?

Food and beverage service questions would include the use of in-house services, recommended catering, or catering as determined by the wedding couple. The type of beverage service offered by the venue is an important consideration. Open bar? For how long?

Finally, the get a solid cost estimate of all the key factors above. Inquire about any deposits, damage waivers, or other contract terms that can disrupt your budget.


A wedding is a major event and a lot to manage as you start out as a couple. Give yourselves several months to plan and track progress weekly. With these simple tips, you and your fiancé can start the search for the Toms River wedding venue, indoors or outdoors that will be the location of a lifetime of memories.

Your marriage is one that’s an event for sure but it’s also the amalgamation of your feelings for each other. You want to have an experience that you have never seen or felt before. Once you find a wedding venue that matches your expectation of wedding you always wanted for yourself then ask a decorator to layout the design towards a theme that captures your true feelings for one another.

With indoor wedding venues you have the option of banquet halls in Ocean County NJ. The banquet hall allows you to arrange for music and a ball dance and lots more fun. With outdoor wedding venues you have the option to enjoy the wedding programs in the open, may be by the beach side with wine & dine.

Last bit that I would like to add is while wedding planning can be overwhelming do not let it get to you. Start planning advance so that you have enough time ahead.