Which accessory best suits your day to day?


Over time, bags and other accessories have become essential in everyday life . Its origins are distant, since since time immemorial people, men and women, used sack-shaped bags to transport what they needed.

Currently, there are accessories such as women’s shoulder bags that are more in line with the demands of each day . However, depending on the occasion and the moment, we can choose one accessory or another. Therefore, below, we offer some tips on how to adapt each complement to our day to day.


Although there are backpacks of different sizes, in general, this accessory is designed to carry all kinds of things. In addition, lately, the designs that are on the market have been manufactured following the parameters of comfort and protection .

For this reason, backpacks are ideal for going to work, the supermarket, the gym or picking up the children from school, if you have children. In any case, when choosing a backpack, we should only take into account the size we need, since the model should be according to our own personal tastes .

shoulder bags

The shoulder bags are another of the most practical options for day to day . As we already know, these bags, which can be small or medium in size, have a long strap that crosses the entire chest from the shoulder, so that the bag is next to the hip on the opposite side.

Nowadays, the men’s shoulder bag is also very fashionable , due to its great comfort and flexibility . In fact, the shoulder bags allow you to carry everything you need during the day, in a comfortable and natural way.



Although it depends on the taste of each woman, Shoppers bags are more recommended for leisure time than for a busy daily life . With a rectangular frame and two handles, these bags can be worn either slung over the shoulder or carried by the handle. In addition, depending on the type of material with which it is made, it will have a more rigid or soft appearance. In any case, Shoppers have become increasingly popular.

toiletry bags

Although it is not exactly a bag, it is a fundamental accessory for day to day, especially if we are away from home for many hours in a row. In it we can include our toothbrush, a comb, deodorant and cologne; the essential kit to survive until the night .

In addition, in some cases, depending on the design of the toiletry bag, we can also use it as a handbag . In this way, if we have a special event and we do not know which bag to choose, we can choose to carry a discreet toiletry bag that passes for a handbag.

fanny packs

Fanny packs are the most advisable accessories if you are going to practice sports, since due to their small size we will not be able to load them excessively and, therefore, they will not weigh us down . Of different colors and materials, nowadays, it is easy to find fanny packs of many different styles.