travel suitcase
travel suitcase

The holidays are just around the corner! And it is that summer is the favorite time to escape from routine and visit relaxing spaces, especially beach and rest areas. One of the most complicated tasks, after choosing the destination, is to pack and choose one that meets all the characteristics we need.  we tell you everything you need to make your vacation perfect and unforgettable. Get to know the most resistant suitcases to take on a trip and avoid unpleasant surprises on your journey. Don’t miss a single detail!

The best travel bags 2022

Despite the importance of packing a good suitcase, it is one of the steps prior to the trip that is most neglected. The first thing you must take into account  is the destination and the weather, in order to make a selection of the clothes and accessories that you will need: bikinis , sandals and cameras are essential so that your trip is 10. One of the best tricks is to make a list of everything you need, creating clothing sets for every day of your stay. Although the key is organization and order, choosing a good suitcase format is essential.

Handbags have the advantage of taking up little space and being especially practical for those trips in which we are not going to need a lot of clothes. For the summer, when the clothes we wear are thin and do not take up much space, they become the favorite choice of many tourists. When we want to have several clothing options or we simply have to transport a lot of clothes or objects, conventional wheeled suitcases or trolleys are ideal. We tell you which have been selected as the best suitcases of 2022 to travel, all of them available in El Corte Inglés of our Shopping and Leisure Center.

American Tourister – Soundbox Spinner

With excellent value for money, this American Tourister model has been chosen by many users as one of the best suitcases for travel . Its price and its resistance make it the most chosen option for the experience it offers to the traveler. It is made of polypropylene and its strong point is its extendable zipper, which allows us to add more objects inside without worrying about space: it has a capacity of 41 litres. With four wheels and a very smooth glide, you can choose it in a variety of up to 10 shades and in three sizes.

American Tourister - Soundbox Spinner
Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner

Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner

Samsonite is one of the most popular luggage brands in the world, thanks to its revolutionary Curv material that makes it extremely resistant and very light. It has large handles and an extruded zipper that, together with its 3-digit TSA lock to keep your belongings safe, makes it a favorite for traveling. Although it only weighs 1.7 kilos, it is incredibly strong.

American Tourist Bon Air

In third place in this ranking is this model of the American Tourister brand. A suitcase that has an excellent value for money and is one of the best sellers in the world. Made of the most resistant material for suitcases, polypropylene . You can find it available in ten colors and it is ideal for its large capacity, its lightness and its price.

Delsey's Chatelet Hard

Delsey’s Chatelet Hard

The French brand Delsey is the creator of this high-quality suitcase, with a particularly elegant design, with Parisian touches that distinguishes it from other brands. This suitcase is made of 100% virgin polycarbonate , a material exclusively developed by the brand and which makes it an incredibly light and resistant piece.

El Corte Inglés travel suitcases

El Corte Inglés is one of the where you can choose your ideal suitcase for your trip. In its establishments you will find a great variety, depending on the type of trip you usually do. We recommend the special editions developed by the American Tourister brand , one of the best firms in the development of travel suitcases. For fans of the Disney world, you can choose a sturdy suitcase with the London and Mickey print , with an interior with compartments so you can organize your belongings, or the suitcase with Minnie on comics . You can buy your suitcase from Kermit the Frog or Elmo . For fans of the sagaThe Avengers , this suitcase with the Captain America logo is perfect.

What travel suitcase do you need for this summer 2022?

Parfois travel bags

Parfois is a brand specializing in costume jewelery and bags, which also has several travel bags on its line. This establishment combines style and functionality, offering you high-quality suitcases with special care in their design. We highlight its trolley design with floral print , with details in cream color and the print in bluish tones . For those looking for more simple and timeless suitcases, Parfois has travel suitcases in solid colors: much more minimalist and elegant versions.

What travel suitcase do you need for this summer 2022?

Misako’s travel bags

If you want to find suitcases with original designs, we suggest you visit the intu Xanadú Misako store. In it you can find the Dinamic model , a suitcase in metallic tones, made of polyester with wheels and with several handles with which you can transport your belongings. A very original and fun design is the one that has this small rigid suitcase with four wheels to be able to slide better and use it on work trips. People who like vintage and classic style will love this Colonial suitcase : a small, vintage-inspired four-wheeled trolley or trunk. Perfect for short trips, without losing style.

What travel suitcase do you need for this summer 2022?

Whatever type of trip you are going to do this summer, any of these suitcases will be especially useful if you are looking for quality and functionality . Do not forget to visit our intu Xanadú Shopping and Leisure Center to get them and enjoy the wide range of services that we have in this space. In addition, take the opportunity to discover first-hand all the leisure activities that we have designed for you and your whole family. We will wait for you!