When we are invited to a night party , the first thing we think about is how to dress, since these events are perfect occasions to look elegant and sophisticated. In the outfit everything is important, but the shoes have a special preference for the ladies, since they are the perfect complement that distinguishes the look.

If you are not sure how to choose shoes for a night party, keep reading because in this article we detail the best way to do it.


If you already have the dress

If you are going to buy some party shoes for women and adapt them to a dress you already have, at Catchalot they have an extensive collection for all tastes. To make your selection you must take into account the length of the skirt, the type of fabric and the color of the dress, the idea is that the whole is harmonious.

If the skirt is long to the feet, the shoes should be court shoes, preferably a medium heel. These shoes are perfect for events where you have to be on your feet for a long time, they are also ideal for dancing and walking. Court shoes bring elegance and sobriety to a long dress.

If the skirt is short, or the dress has a deep slit in the front or on the side, the shoes will be visible. In that case, you have to choose a color that contrasts with the tone of the dress, that way the shoes take center stage and become a focal point. At Catchalot there are many shoes to choose from that fulfill this purpose.

Black dresses look great with red shoes, the great contrast that this produces, makes the lady be observed from head to toe, so that no detail is lost.

Ankle boots are a perfect alternative to a short dress. In Catchalot there are several very elegant models. At a semi-formal event, they add a touch of ease and fun to the ensemble. If your dress is cheerful or colorful, some ankle boots will complement it perfectly.


Tips for a smart choice

In order to choose the right party shoes, it will be necessary to attend to various essential considerations to get it right, something that Catchalot provides us with in its online store:

1.- The first thing to do is verify the type of event . If it is an informal, semi-formal or formal event, you can choose a short dress, and even pants and shoes adapted to them.

2.- It is important to find out in advance how the party is going to be, for example, if you have to stand during a ceremony, if there is a dance or if you have to move from one place to another in the building. In those cases, you have to choose a comfortable shoe model to be able to resist without pain or discomfort.

3.- White shoes are very difficult to combine and it is very rare that they go well in a formal event, unless it is a wedding and you are the bride.   It is better to avoid this color in party shoes.

4.- Sandals look great in almost any event, there are models for all types of events. If the party you are attending is in the summer or spring, then you may want to consider wearing sandals.

5.- Flat shoes are an acceptable option in almost any event. In Catchalot there is a very good variety of flat shoes, when choosing them try to make sure that the tone of the shoes and the skirt of the dress are almost the same, in this way a continuous visual line will be achieved that will be very favorable.

6.- Open back shoes are very attractive, choose them if the dress has a back opening or is short. These models bring freshness to the whole, making it more harmonious.

7.- Shoes in orange tones look great with white, very light beige or black dresses. This tone brings joy to the whole, it should not be discarded for a night event.

8.- Make sure that the shoes fit you comfortably , it is important to know the exact shoe size to choose the perfect size. It is wrong to wear a larger size to achieve comfort, if the shoe is too big it moves and causes chafing.

9.- Buy your shoes in a good online store. Online shopping is very comfortable, quick and easy to do, you don’t have to leave your house, stand in line, or carry bags, everything is completed in a few steps. In addition, in many cases shipping is free. All these advantages are worth taking advantage of.