Guido Watch

A Guido Watch can be a great companion to any woman’s wardrobe. Its simple, masculine yet elegant design makes it ideal for every woman who is looking for a timeless, reliable way to showcase her personality and style. This is the guide to choosing the best designer watches for women.

For a long time, Guido was exclusively designed for men. It has always been said that its dial is for men. However, in recent years, the ladies have discovered this piece of jewelry that offers an alluring chronograph for them as well. Thus, the company began to experiment with a men’s version of their watch. And surprisingly, it paid off.

Like a man, Guido ages beautifully. That is why the company keeps upgrading its mechanism so that you will get the maximum use out of it. In order to keep its quality at its best, it checks every part of the watch. Each component undergoes meticulous examination to make sure that they are functioning properly.

One of the best things about Guido is that it uses genuine leather. This is definitely a very strong and authentic material. Its quality ensures that it lasts for decades and remains looking neat and attractive. This is also why Guido is considered by many to be a classic watch that has timeless value.

Men love it for the great accuracy that it keeps. But ladies also appreciate it for its beautiful round face. Its crystal clear display assures you that you are dealing with a fine timepiece. It is also water resistant to a certain degree. Thus, it can be worn all through the day even when you are out camping or beachside.

You can choose from various Guido collections. The sporty models are perfect for activities like sailing, hiking and diving. The adventurous ones offer you the best time when it comes to activities in the mountains or on your travels. You can also choose from a wide variety of colors to match your tastes. They are available in gold, silver and steel cases, which come in two to four dials.

The stainless steel Guido watch has also been designed to be water resistant. Hence, you can use it on the sub-zero weather as well. You can also be confident of its durability because it is backed by a five year limited manufacturer’s warranty. The leather strap is also durable and comes in brown color with white enamel. It is a perfect addition to any man’s collection.

All the Guido watches are beautifully crafted. The prices vary depending on the brand and the features. There are some Guido watches, which have a masculine look. They have been cleverly coupled with a feminine case. These are priced relatively higher to complement their features. So, if you are on the lookout for a handsome watch but one which can keep time just like the best, then you must certainly consider buying one of these fine Guido watches.

The men’s Guido watch offers a plethora of features. They include the stopwatch, thermometer, timer, date, dual time zone, and the day/night window. You can also get them in silver or black dials. The bezel around the dial is circular and elegantly shaped. The face of the watch is sportly designed and also sporty.

The Guido men’s watch also has divers watch feature. This handy feature allows you to check the depth of water on the ocean floor. It comes with a push button clasp which is easily swiveled out. You can conveniently access the time while you are working out. The alligator band is tough and is beautifully finished.

The Guido men’s watch is also water resistant. Therefore, you do not have to worry when you are swimming or surfing. The case is covered with a rugged non-slip strap. The backlight of this watch also glows blue and red. For more fun, try the men’s Guido chronograph.

You can wear the men’s Guido watch as a casual piece or as a special surprise gift for your male friends. This men’s watch is not just for men, you can also wear it to work with jeans and a shirt. Since it comes in different colors, it will also go well with any outfit.