eye makeup

Eyes are a beautiful and attractive feature of a woman’s face and probably the first thing you notice the moment you walk through doors. Applying good makeup can be a powerful tool. But it is important to know the correct techniques and styles. That is why we have shared the best of them in this article.

Simple eye makeup for black eyes:

Traditional smoky eyes:


eye makeup for black eyes

A great way to style those beautiful black eyes is to get the traditional smokey touch. For this you will need your eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. You can also make use of fancy false eyelashes to give it that dynamic look. Also try a small combination of pink and peach eyeshadow.

Sleek and stylish summer eyes:


This eye makeup is perfect for all your summer parties. First wear a combination of pink, peach, and rose gold on your eyes. After that, make smooth lines with the eyeliner and add some glitter on top if you want. This will give you a very sexy and attractive appearance and will bring you a lot of compliments on the part.


The goddess :

This makeup has been designed for those with expressive eyes. It looks classy and very frank. Painting your eyes with a cool blue eyeshadow then creating smooth black line shakes with your eyeliner followed by a nice touch of kajal below is the look you need. Use your mascara to lift those lashes.


The black eye:

Another fascinating and innovative style is black eye makeup. This will only require a black eyeshadow and eyeliner. A mixture of both applied to the upper eyelid will look absolutely attractive. Try to create that blurry look on both the top and the bottom. Don’t make it too heavy. A little light is good.

Blue eyes:

Ocean Blue Eye Makeup is what you need to look like an absolute diva. It is definitely the best for a party look and it looks great with black dresses. It is ideal for those with black eyes and is used by various makeup artists and experts.

Bridal makeup:

If any of you are attending a wedding this season or are getting married; this makeup is something you should try. The combination of gold and brown is absolutely magnificent. Not only that; this will also give you a different and elegant look. A good eyeliner will add to your charm.

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The Dazzler:

Another eye makeup that you can try to flaunt is the dazzling one. This one uses the perfect combination of light gold and purple and makes you look like a celebrity. Make sure the line you create with your pencil is thin. You don’t want to make a thick line; otherwise, the beauty of the eyeshadows will not turn out well.

The golden eye:

Gold eye makeup is a wonder for those with black eyes. Use gold glitter and a well defined line created with the help of an eyeliner. Make sure that your eyebrow has been threaded very well and that your face makeup has been done correctly. It will enhance your whole appearance.

The creative eye:

Creative eye makeup uses a great combination of five colors. Some nice gray spots under the eye also look quite innovative and attractive. It also requires a good quality kajal and liner to avoid staining.