Actress in Saree

The traditional Indian has always been interested in dressing flamboyantly and beautifully and what better way to say Indian than with a mean garment, just one, strategically wrapped around your body to suit yourself. That is the simplicity and beauty of a saree and from its roots we admire that the modernized Indian, the stars on page 3, are still tied to their roots.

A long time ago, in the sepia photos of our grandmothers, we saw how the saree back then was the only use one wore. The days have changed. Modern Indians have embraced Western culture, they have dressed differently, and yet it is surprising to know that they like to take their cultural roots into account for their beauty. So, we put together a list of all the times we’ve seen these actors put out their best with a saree wrapped around them.

Actress in Sari:

1. The soft look:

The soft look

Kangana Ranaut has always pleased us with her wild braids fluttering in the wind while riding with ease and pleasure. But it’s a blast to see Kangana tame her mane and don this gorgeous piece of saree. While the gorgeous georgette blouse with white lace detailing steals our eyes, the wraparound half saree looks fantastic. It is a mix of a sweet peach pink with a matte beige look. The zari detail in gold looks perfectly in place.

2. Heavy sequins:

The heavy sequins


You have never experienced sparkles more extravagantly than before. The fact that these sparkles illuminate the look but at the same time keep the grace intact in Bipasha Basu is a wonder in itself. Usually the sparkles are strong and the dazzling diamond-lined flowers like the zari shine high, but the nude look of the saree completely blends in with the complexion and creates a complete package. A saree like this would definitely turn heads as you walk into the party.

3. The flower in abundance:

The flower in abundance


Here’s a great look, not too extravagant and not too understated, just a perfect mix of youth and feminism fused together. This Sabyasachi saree worn by the young and beautiful Shraddha Kapoor, exhibits itself a pretty flower watermark in understated colors, beige and pink. The saree has a beautiful gold and black zari detail that is both understated and at the same time a statement piece. Feel free to make this saree a statement piece for a cocktail party or a simple garden picnic.

4. The neon colors:

Neon colors

The tone for this season is bright, vibrant and full of colors that go pop and fashion icon Priyanka Chopra couldn’t miss the trend. Here we see a beautiful combination of neon colors set in a jubilant way with each other. The body of the saree is wonderful in a neon lime green, while the hem of the saree is in a soft coral orange neon. Pairing this chiffon with a dull gray blouse, the saree also has a beautiful bright white outline to add to the look.

5. The champagne sari:

The champagne saree

Another color of the season is beige and nude, sober and elegant, and that is why Sridevi decided to wear this wonderful saree for her SIIMA award. The saree is champagne nude with a beautiful gold beaded trim. The saree towards the end is beautifully designed in the shape of a blue vine, while the upper part displays ornaments. The floral work only enhances the look.

6. The brightness:

The glitters

Vidya Balan is a beautiful, oversized woman and she still wears it with pride and therefore when we found this photo of her we were mesmerized to see how casually she was wearing the rich purple saree. The saree is wonderful with glitter patterns on the front and on the borders. The saree is great for a party look and would definitely go well with an updo.

7. The angelic target:

The angelic white

Here is Zarine Khan looking absolutely handsome in this stunning white saree made from sheer chiffon. The saree is light and cheerful and has in itself a detailed patterned floral artwork. White is a color that suits any other occasion, for an elegant party or wedding look or perhaps for a mourning funeral. However, this blank saree would make a great party or wedding look in its flawless beige white. The trimmed and stitched roses add to the look, as does the statement neck piece around her neck.

8. The pretty one in pink:

The pretty one in pink

What is that feminine color that is exuberant and at the same time full of feminism? The saree is wonderful in a large pink with a soft ornate art work that forms a beautiful pattern on its own. Outward, on the edge, the saree is adorned with a wonderful diamond and bead look. For the rest of the saree, Katrina Kaif steals the show with her gorgeous looks.

9. The monochromatic treatment:

The monochrome deal

Nargis Fakhri is another one of the fresh faces that B-town brought us and here we see this flamboyant beauty look even more ravishing in her unique, patterned outfit. With a saree wrapped around his body, this actor posed for photos looking absolutely gorgeous. The boundary has a beautiful gold decoration with the best of the saree in black. The white portion in beautiful floral patterns.

10. The sober sequins:

The sober sequins

Anushka Sharma looked beautiful during her performance, in which she mixed party and sobriety simultaneously with the dazzling border. In a beige saree with beautiful sequins, the saree is coral pink and pop yellow.

11. Cold tones:

Cold tones

The fresh shade of the season is always the matching evergreen black and Sonakshi Sinha knows how to make us go crazy in this gorgeous piece of saree. The saree is in black with a bright pink trim and an equally wonderful design towards the end in frosted beige.

12. The beautified look:

The embellished look

Shilpa Shetty is always known for her lush looks and here is one of her best looks released as she posed for photos in her coral pink saree. The gold accents along with the belt complete the look.

13. The piece of lace:

The little lace

Who doesn’t like laces? Lace has always been a hype forever and even more so after Asin showed us this beautiful art of a saree. The entire saree has lace details with a cool nude color that makes her look simply fabulous.

14. Bright colors:

Bright colors

Madhuri Dxit in this color makes the saree look fabulous as this ombre number makes heads turn completely. The saree started off with a beige color and then quickly transcended to a bright pink. With a blue border, the saree looked fascinating.

15. The soft champagne:

Soft champagne

A simple saree speaks a thousand words and here is a quick example of that. The leggy pump released this number as she swayed down the sidewalk. The saree isn’t anything lush, but the satin cool champagne color made a strong statement.

16. The perfect cocktail:

The perfect cocktail

Here’s a perfect sari cocktail for the best that fashionista Tinsel Town can offer us. The saree is once again nude with beautiful black details.