As summer approaches Dental, most of us begin to worry about being in the best physical condition possible. However, once we are on vacation, we tend to relax and neglect all that we have advanced in recent months. And this also happens with oral health.

Long and warm days make us spend more time away from home and eat more often in bars and restaurants, go out for a drink with friends and family, etc. In addition to this, we must add vacations, relaxation time in which we especially neglect routines and schedules.

That is why summer is the time when our oral health is most neglected, so we must warn our patients so that the following months do not suffer the consequences of these bad habits.

Why is it a good time to visit us at the clinic?

take care of your teeth in summer
More availability of free time , both for children and adults. This encourages them to start or restart treatments that were pending for months. In addition, vacations for younger children allow them to attend the consultation with greater availability than the rest of the year with classes and extracurricular activities.
Increased plaque and tooth decay . Spending time outside the home, accompanied by poor brushing or none at all, can produce symptoms in the mouth of our patients as annoying as bleeding and inflammation of the gums.

Gum problems .

The remains of food that are not removed end up accumulating at the base of the teeth forming tartar and dental plaque, which will lead to common diseases this season, such as gingivitis or periodontal disease.
Halitosis appearance . Poor hygiene combined with poor hydration can dry out the mouth and cause a bad smell . Without a doubt, one of the most annoying symptoms among our patients.
Tooth sensitivity. Symptom par excellence at this time due to the abuse of cold drinks and ice cream.

What can we recommend to our patients?

Ideally, our patients should follow a proper dental hygiene routine . However, during these months it can be a bit difficult, so here are some tips you can offer:

perfect smile in summer
Avoid excessive exposure to chlorinated swimming pool water . The abuse of chlorinated water, such as swimming pools, can cause stains on the teeth . Additionally, this can lead to the condition known as “swimmer’s tartar” which causes gingivitis or periodontitis.
Protect yourself properly from summer activities . It is possible that some of your patients practice or go swimming or diving during the summer, so it is necessary to warn about possible consequences , ailments and how to prevent them .
Brushing after every meal . If this is not possible, recommend rinsing your mouth several times or chewing gum without sugar or apple, trying to remove all traces of sugar on the teeth. However, we must make it very clear that gum cannot replace tooth brushing.
Recommended food intake for teeth . There are foods like apples and grapes that can help to take care of our teeth naturally. In addition, we can protect ourselves from dental hypersensitivity with foods rich in calcium such as dairy, eggs, fish, chicken …
Drink water much more frequently, not only to avoid possible dehydration, but to help maintain salivary density that helps preserve teeth and gums.
Do not abuse tobacco and alcohol. These are harmful throughout the year, but summer is the season prone to abuse them.
Eliminate such common practices as chewing ice . This can be very damaging and cause fractures and fissures.
Use of mouth guards in sports . Summer helps encourage many people to engage in more joint sports, water activities, and extreme activities, which is why the mouth can get bumps or break.
Avoid abusing very cold and sugary drinks : summer is the season par excellence for this type of cold drinks with high levels of sugar, which causes damage to the enamel and the appearance of tooth sensitivity. Ideally, avoid these foods, but if they are to be consumed, at least with straw to avoid direct contact or be lighter.