What can I find in amantis?

Do you want to surprise your partner? Are you interested in making an original gift to a friend or a friend? Dare with a spicy surprise, outside of the more traditional gifts. Fortunately, in recent years the world of sexuality and erotic toys has been given greater visibility, hence the resounding success of brands like amantis.

At amantis you can find branded products, erotic toys, but also lingerie, massage oils, cosmetics and care. His store is complete with specialized literature, furniture, board games and even pelvic floor care products.

The amantis store respects the planet , since all its products are sustainable, long-lasting and even suitable for vegans. Their stores are animal friendly, you can receive a 5% discount if you arrive by bike, they have a large number of organic products, both lubricants and organic erotic cosmetics: Shunga, Secret Play, Intimate Organics or Bioglide. Ask for them!

Pelvix Concept

This product is designed for the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor , improving the problems derived from the weakened pelvic floor. After pregnancy, childbirth, menopause or even impact sports, this area can be damaged and cause incontinence, pain and sexual dysfunction.

With the help of gynecologists and urologists, this product has been manufactured, which is comfortable for the pelvic muscles. Use it once a day every 15 minutes and you will tone the area effectively.


chocolate body paint

One of the most original and fun products that we have selected is this chocolate body paint . Perfect for painting the body, with the help of the brush that comes in the kit. It has a chocolate flavor and you will love it if you have a fine palate and want to let your imagination run wild.

All that I don’t know how to explain to my mother

If you want to give away literature, but with a spicy touch, we recommend All That I Don’t Know How to Explain to My Mother, a novel by Sandra Bravo. This book claims the acceptance of sexual diversity , the right to pleasure and also helps to break stereotypes about monogamy or romantic love.


portable body massager

One of the most versatile external products is the vibration massager . That provides many health benefits: it helps to relax the muscles, it also serves as a sexual stimulator. His creation is lowered in Japanese massage and comfort for its portable size. Discover more than 10 modes! The pack comes with a velvet bag and charger.

Organic tangerine lubricant

You will find the purest tangerine flavor in amantis, with this Eco Mandarin . An ecological formula without chemicals, which is certified 100% natural. Its consistency is neither too liquid nor too thick, as well as being hypoallergenic and especially moisturizing. Compatible with erotic toys, having a water base.


love dice

This product is intended for those who want to have fun with a game. These three dice randomize movements in bed: they determine location, time, and posture. An interesting option to get out of the routine and have fun.

amantis outlet

If you want to enjoy their products or simply investigate all the options that Amantis has, stop by the local . The good news is that you will find a section of offers 365 days a year, which includes vibrators, suckers, lingerie or fashion accessories. Also ask about the points program and how to redeem them.