The secret of Korean beauty: face masks

Facial masks have become a beauty wardrobe, mainly due to the short-term effects they cause on our skin and their practical and easy-to-use format for all ages. In the market there are for all skin needs, achieving an immediate good face effect. At intu Xanadú we tell you which are the best options for you. aims

Facial masks: the key to glow

In South Korea, face masks are one of the keys to beautiful skin: one of the essential steps in your long routine and they are sales leaders in beauty products. They are so widespread that they are used daily even at work or on public transport. In addition to having an interesting packaging and providing an immediate glowing effect, the long-term benefits are incredible.

But do you know where in your beauty routine you should apply it? Just after having cleaned our face properly and before the facial cream . We recommend that you use a specific brush for them if you are going to use a mask for more than one use or that you have washed your hands very well if you are going to use your fingertips. If it is in tissue format, we recommend that you finish by giving a thorough massage so that the product is absorbed correctly and the essence is used.

There are hundreds of masks on the market, depending on our skin type or our goals: dry skin, dull skin, moisturizing, exfoliating… You just have to find the perfect one for you and gradually incorporate it into your routine. Remember that the needs of your skin can vary from week to week, so you will have to adapt your routine to it, including the mask.

Peking Opera Mask Red Wine and Adenosine by Berrisom

An ideal mask for skin that needs a boost of hydration . It is formulated with wine and soothing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, as well as licorice, glacier water, ginger and ceramides. It will give you elasticity at the moment.

Detox SkinFood

The Detox Skinfood facial mask is key in the bag of those who bet on masks in cream format. With natural ingredients , it is capable of nourishing and toning the skin, as well as moisturizing it thoroughly: Kale, wheat, green tea, spinach green clay, lemon extract, mint extract and avocado oil are its ingredients. You can apply it 1 to 3 times a week to notice changes.

DAYLIGHT & HUE Bamboo Face Mask

An economical mask that is made to refresh the skin and leave it smooth. If you have rough skin or a dull tone, after 15 minutes of treatment with this mask your skin will shine. Suitable for all skin types.

SESDERMA Anti-Wrinkle Facial Mask

Sesderma has been formulating highly effective products for our skin for years and this mask is an example. A mask with natural ingredients, which provides a unique lifting effect . Improve the appearance of wrinkles and provide hydration: it contains edenosine, Edelweiss flower, aloe vera and centella asiatica, among others.

Eucerin Hyaluron-filler mask

In addition to the moisturizing cream of the same brand, this mask is the perfect complement for the most demanding skin. An extra contribution of luminosity at the moment, filling wrinkles , expression lines and restoring luminosity to dull skin. It combines low molecular weight and high weight hyaluronic acid.

Remember that the mask can make a difference for your skin and that it can also serve as a calming moment of the day. Do not forget to apply other essential steps, which make a difference, such as facial serums . All the ones we have mentioned are unisex and you can get them at specialized centers such as Primor , Druni or El Corte Inglés . We will wait for you!