clothes for sports
clothes for sports

Comfort is the first adjective that can occur to us to wear the right clothes for each activity, but also injuries, small wounds and poor blood circulation are other reasons to wear comfortable clothes. Keep in mind that comfortable clothes to go outside, for a walk or to be at home, is not the same comfortable clothes that we should wear to play sports. INVAIN is a good example for finding the right sportswear.

It is advisable to use flannel, cotton or lycra pants, which do not fit too much and allow movements to be made comfortably. We must pay attention to the material in which the clothes are made, because we must ensure that it is made with suitable materials to avoid irritation, discomfort and chafing. If sweat bothers us a lot, we may be interested in sweat-wicking gym clothing. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind what type of sport you are going to do and use the necessary protection (helmet, knee pads…) to avoid injuries.

If we exercise outside, we must bear in mind the weather. If it is hot, we may want to wear loose clothing because it allows the air to cool the body and evaporate sweat. The white color reflects the sun’s rays. Preventing the clothes from heating up and consequently more heat is passed. We also have to protect our head with a hat if the sun hits hard. However, if it is cold, you should wear clothing that is not loose. In case you are wearing some kind of sweater or sweatshirt, it is good that it is easy to remove as we get warmer and that you can put on quickly when the sweat cools down. If it is very cold and if the type of sport that is being practiced allows it, it is good to be able to use a scarf so that the neck does not catch cold and thus save us a cold. Also, if the sport in question allows it,

If the sport requires running, it is very important to wear appropriate footwear. And in this aspect we have to think about where we are going to run, in a flat place or in an irregular place, such as the mountain. Sports shoes should be comfortable and have a resistant sole that cushions. There are sports that have goretex, so that the water does not enter. Others that are breathable and help us not to get so hot.

Hydration is very important before, during and after physical activity. There are backpacks of different sizes that make it comfortable to carry a bottle of water or energy drink when, for example, we do sports in the mountains, but if we do sports without a backpack we can use a fanny pack or hydration belt.

Finally, the clothes we wear for sports should make us feel confident. There is nothing that prevents us from doing sports more than not feeling comfortable with what we wear, so make sure that the clothes you wear invite you to make an effort and give everything when practicing sports.