Sonam Kapoor without makeup

Sonam Kapoor, the Indian film actress born to famous actor Anil Kapoor, made her Bollywood debut in Sanjay Leela Bansali’s film ‘Saawariya’ alongside actor Ranbir Kapoor. Her film was not successful at the box office, but she had received all her fame for her personality and beauty. It is known worldwide for its grace and elegance.

Beautiful Sonam Kapoor without makeup pictures:

Below we mention the best and shocking images of Sonam Kapoor without makeup that has never been seen before.

1. Simple and sophisticated:

sonam kapoor no makeup

Sonam Kapoor looks very adorable even without makeup, as the picture above demonstrates. He wears a black ‘kurti’ that is designed to crease in the front, making it a bit messy. She has her hair straightened and has it gathered at the back, the locks fall in front. Her pair of cat eye glasses make her look cute.

2. It was clicked while traveling by car:


These photos without makeup were taken while the actress was riding in the car, she is wearing a black dress and has round silver earrings. She has kept her hair open and falls to the left of her shoulder.

3. Trendy In Black:

When we have chic and fashion conscious folks in Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor makes the top list. She wears a long asphalt along with a pair of leggings printed in different shades of gray. And she has fine silver bangles on her right hand and similar-looking earrings. She carries a black bag and her I-Phone in her left hand. Here you can see the look of Sonam Kapoor without makeup, which is also very beautiful.

4. Still photo from his movie ‘Raanjhanaa’:

This photograph is from her film Raanjhanaa, which also does not wear makeup, which was the biggest Bollywood love story of 2013. She has a part of her schoolgirl role in which she wears a red and white school uniform along with two plates in her hair placed on two sides that are tied with a red ribbon at the end. And she is one of the best actresses to fit into any role. She might look like 16 even when she’s 28. This is one of the best pictures of Sonam Kapoor without makeup.

5. Sonam with pets:

The actress looks beautiful with the smile while holding two grudges in her hand. She wears a white dress made of cotton, designed in the shape of a net, and she also wears her cat eye glasses. Here in this photo above, Sonam Kapoor shows her original face without makeup.

6. Sonam in Black Salwar:

This is an old photo of Sonam Kapoor without makeup where she is wearing a black salwar and has long gold earrings hanging with green and garnet studs. She has kept a hair straightener open and it looks simple.

7. Sonam Kapoor at a rally:

The brave actress had gone down to the streets of Mumbai and had held a demonstration to protest among the criminals who had tried to abuse a journalist while she was on the set; this event took place recently after a girl was raped in Mumbai. The actress had dated people and among people dressed in casual clothes like an ordinary person. Purple top along with a shrug, a pair of black jeans, a braid in her hair, and she was wearing a shoulder bag. She believes what she is, that’s why she doesn’t wear makeup on her face.

8. Black and white polka dot dress:

The actress seems to be in love with the black and white outfit. She wears a black dress with white polka dots with a belt in the middle. He wears a black band on his shoulders and a trendy pair of retro sunglasses on his head. How natural she is even without makeup. Sonam Kapoor barely puts on makeup when she goes out on the street.

9. Cute picture without makeup of Sonam Kapoor:

The actress is giving a cute expression to the camera. She wears a gray top inside that is hidden with a white cape that she has worn due to some filming or a particular event. She poses with her face made up along with a gun that makes her eyes small and she smiles.

10. Sonam clicked outside:

The actress looks a bit tired and serious in the image below. She is wearing an off-white blouse and has kept her hair open. Here, Sonam Kapoor’s makeup-free face also looks more beautiful and adorable.