The vast majority of tattoos are usually medium in size, but the truth is that we can also choose to wear one that is small and that is even placed in an area that is barely visible. In this way we can know that we are wearing it and we do not have to show it to others if we do not want to.


If you like tattoos but do not dare to wear one that looks a lot or stands out too much, we propose some ideas for small tattoos that will undoubtedly convince you and that are also a trend among women’s tattoos for 2021.



These types of tattoos seem perfect to “try” with a first small tattoo on the skin since they do not need to be very large and there are also many designs that are very simple and that we can place in any area of ​​our body. We can also add some color to give it more beauty and we can even personalize it by having our initials placed on our wings, or those of someone who is special in our lives.



The infinity symbol became fashionable a few years ago and today it is rare not to find this symbol in tattoos chosen by women . This is due to the intense symbolism of infinity, as it can be understood in many ways and all correct, so whatever your reason for choosing infinity as a tattoo, you can find one more truth to this special symbol.

The truth is that the boom in tattoos with the infinity symbol took place a few years ago, there was a whole revolution probably due to the Revenge series, starring actress Emily VanCamp.

This series was inspired by the book The Count of Monte Cristo, a famous story belonging to the writer Alexandre Dumas (also author of the popular novel The Three Musketeers). It turns out that the protagonist used to draw this symbol with her father, one that she wears for a tattoo, due to the connection she will always feel with him.

The bad thing about the existence of this revolution in which everyone wanted to get an infinity tattooed is that it gives rise to the typical and inevitable “I’ve already seen that”, but this is our reason for showing you tattoos with the infinity symbol , because we we have the most original, the best tattoo designs with the infinity symbol.


As we have seen in the first image, one of the most original designs is when we incorporate into those lines that trace infinity, an important element for us. We have seen on occasion that feathers are included, something very special, since there is a growing interest in literature and writing, so an element like this mixed with infinity can be a great tattoo to get.

In this one that I was commenting on, we see a tattoo with an infinity and an anchor , something super original that can express your passion for the sea and navigation, taking as a metaphor the fact that the sea is your source of liberation and eternal, infinite inspiration. .

Another of the most original designs that we see is the tattoo that forms an infinity with a super inspiring phrase  like this one that we see: Love the life you live, live the life you love (in Spanish: Love the life you live, live the life that love).


If you liked tattoos in which an infinity appears, this video will enchant you. In the video you will see a compilation of photos of small tattoos for women with the infinity symbol , so that you can take all the inspiration you need when deciding on your first or next tattoo. Are you clear already? If not, don’t worry, because there is still a lot of article ahead and even a photo gallery with small tattoos for women . Don’t miss out on anything!



Fairies are also an ideal element to represent it through a tattoo that is small. Although we can place it anywhere on our body, we have to say that the wrists or ankles are usually the place where it will best fit us . Sweet and fragile, a little fairy is a fantasy tattoo that can illustrate the nature of your own fantasy.


They are a delicate tattoo that incorporates beautiful colors with a simple design, making it ideal as a small tattoo. Depending on the area we will realize that it can be more or less large in its design or although in areas such as the wrist, the foot or the sword we can carry it in a size that is reduced. You can choose blue and green tones for your dragonfly and thus obtain the best results.



Flower tattoos are also one of the best designs for those women who want to have a small tattoo on their body. The variety of flowers is such that we can choose the one we like the most , the one that represents us or one that has a special symbolism. We can also make them draw it with colors and they can be created in areas such as an arm, shoulder, back, the neck of the foot or the ankle and if we want we can make them something larger later, adding additional flowers, vines and leaves.



Asian or Egyptian symbols or letters from these cultures can make us have small tattoos for women that we can also wear on the neck, shoulder or ankle . These types of Asian symbols or letters or Chinese characters take up little space and can represent such important topics as courage, love, faith and peace, while Egyptian symbols can represent things like eternal life, fertility, and the worship of the sun. Additional symbols can be added later to create a timeline of events or they can be incorporated into a larger, more colorful design tattoo.


One of the types of tattoos that has become very fashionable in recent times is choosing a particular word and putting it on the body. At first this type of tattoos began to be seen on the outside of the arm. For this, a type of handwritten typeface is usually chosen as if it were made with a pen and ink. But in this small tattoos for women 2021, the phrases have gone from being on the arms and in other parts of the body to also being on the hands, something that draws a lot of women 2015The type of words chosen is usually in English and speaks of general meanings such as “Love”. Still, there is no shortage of those who choose to get a name or something a little more meaningful in another language that is important in their lives.


heart tattoo women 2015

Just as the word love is present, what is never missing are heart-shaped tattoos. These types of tattoos are one of the most classic of all and are usually found on various parts of the body, both on the wrist, on the ankle and, for example, on the nape of the neck. They are about different shapes and heart drawings that are present. Some, to give a little more dynamism to the tattoo, decide to do it in red. Although the most traditional thing is to find the frame and outline of the heart, there are always those who decide to fill it in and paint it or place some initials in the shape of love that have to do with what they feel. And if of small tattoos for women 2021 It is about, having a small heart on one of the fingers or on the wrist, is undoubtedly the sensation of the season, especially for those girls who are not very fond of tattoos or who do not want to see their body full of them , which will allow them to continue maintaining their style but having left a small mark of what they feel through the art of tattooing.heart tattoo


The punctuation marks and other symbols that we can find on any computer or mobile keyboard are ideal for tattooing if we are looking for something small, but original and most striking. Keep in mind that these symbols can be made in very varied sizes and, therefore, you can wear them and wear them in different parts of your body.


This is another great idea for women looking to get something small but eye-catching or something that has a special meaning for them . The drawings of the signs can be a big thing for some of us, while the symbols adapt to all the places and measurements of our body.


Words or initials is something that we also find for those of us who are looking for small tattoos. There are little words that can represent something special for us or something that identifies us and that we always want to carry with us. On the other hand, initials are ideal to always keep in mind anyone we want.


This is another bet for those looking for small but original and beautiful tattoos We can tattoo the silhouette of a free bird or the dove of peace depending on what we like the most or what we identify with the most.


Becoming a good little witch or a nice elf is something that can also look great on us.


For example, we can tattoo the silhouette of Mickey Mouse from Minie Mouse, but also many other characters that we liked.


Small tattoos for women 2015Brands are important today, because everyone is governed by brands of clothing, fragrances, etc. If you are a fan of a brand, you can always get its name tattooed on a site that you like.


There are many different types of arrows, so it is easy to find one that we like and that is small to have in different parts of our body. Without a doubt, arrows and feathers are one of the best tattoos, as there are a variety of designs and they will never go out of style.


The Ying and Yang is another of the tattoos that are always in fashion and there is nothing that suits you better if you are a person who seeks balance in life .


All the elements that are related to the Universe are also good candidates to be perfect tattoos. We can test with stars, with the Moon, with the Sun or with planets . You will see that it is fun and you can play by combining several of them, for example, on the different fingers of the hand, etc.Small tattoos for women 2015


We must also mention the elements of luck , as they are also ideal for tattooing them in small size. We can have, for example, a lucky frog, a stone, etc.


When choosing your tattoo, there are different aspects that you should take into account as they are essential to find the one that best suits you. We are going to show you some tips so that you can find the best tattoo for you.


Small tattoos for women 2015

Do not be in a hurry and do not choose just to choose. Your tattoo is something that you will always carry with you or, at least, for this you do it, so you cannot rush to choose a design. Search websites for different designs, symbols, letters, and whatever else you think you might like. Then look for different variations, create templates to give them a different color, etc. Do not be in a hurry and also talk to your tattoo artist so that he can show you the different designs that they have in the catalog.


There are many tattoo artists that you can go to near where you live for sure, but if you do not want to have problems you should look for the best one. Make sure you talk to people who have gotten tattoos and tell you about their experiences in the different places they have gone. You can also go personally to talk to them and you will see, thus, the quality of the drawings and tattoos, as they always usually have photos of the work done and you can assess the hygiene of the premises.


Keep in mind that if your skin color is dark, it will be necessary to use certain colors or to make tattoos in black, such as letters, borders, etc. On the other hand, if your skin is rather light, you can choose other designs and add color to make your skin stand out.


Small tattoos for women 2015

As you can imagine, life will change and this can treat complications. For example, you should avoid getting tattoos where fat tends to accumulate the most, as this will only tarnish your tattoo over time. On the other hand, be careful if you want to get pregnant: do not tattoo anything near your belly, because the same thing will happen to you as if you will gain weight and your tattoo will end up looking ugly and lackluster.


The size of the tattoos matters and a tattoo on the entire back is not the same as a small tattoo on the ankle. Before choosing the size, you must choose the area and know what you want to achieve with it. If you want art that is visible, go for one that is large on the back for example, but if you want elegance and sensuality, look for small tattoos in certain places on your body, such as the fingers, the nape, the shoulder, the ankle. , hip, etc.

And, now, you have all the information so that you can choose the best tattoo for you. You will already tell us how this information has gone and what has been the tattoo that you have stayed with.

We are open to suggestions and other advice that you want to give to people who want to get a nice tattoo on their body.