Party Dresses – Party Wear Tips for Little Girl Kid

little girls dresses.
The party’s on! It is time to celebrate a wild occasion or just go out and have some fun. Dressing up for a party is almost as fun as dancing to the fun beats at the event. For several mothers, dressing up their little girl is much more fun than dressing up themselves. If you are one such mom who loves to dress up your little girl, here are 30 actionable party wear tips that you can use to dress her up in style!

1) Dress According to the Event

Are you attending a wedding party? If so, a full-length elegant silver dress will suit the occasion much more than a denim blazer. Keeping the type of event and the list of attendees in mind will help you choose the perfect wedding dresses for your little girl on a special occasion.

2) Choose Light and Fancy Colours

Fancy dresses look cute on little girls. These girls have a higher degree of freedom while choosing fancy outfits for a party. Therefore, you can freely choose an unconventional and fancy outfit with punchy colors for her.

3) Throw in a Trendy Bracelet

A trendy bracelet or a slim wristwatch will accentuate the overall appeal of the dress significantly. It also inculcates a good habit in your child’s routine. Little girls will be inclined towards cartoonish watches. Depending on the type of dress that you choose, you might want to let her choose the cartoonish watch or go with something more elegant and subtle.

4) Choose Fancy Footwear

If you know that the party will have an open dance floor, you must prefer choosing stylish sneakers or laced sandals for your little girl. These choices will give her the freedom to let loose and enjoy with her friends. On the other hand, you can choose flat sandals or boots for a sophisticated party.

5) Let the Hair Loose

Let your little girl enjoy the party by letting her hair loose. However, if you are attending a sophisticated party, a short ponytail can be the best hairstyle to match her charisma. You can use subtle hair bands for girls above the age of 7. On the other hand, you can use fancy hairbands with trinkets that match the fancy party dresses for baby girls below the age of 5.

6) Focus More on Comfort

While choosing the right party dresses for kids, focus on comfort more than everything else. Your kid won’t be able to enjoy the party to the fullest if she feels claustrophobic in the dress. In parties that involve a lot of dancing and fun-filled games, choose comfortable jeans/shorts along with a trendy t-shirt.

7) Choose the Right Fragrance

Teach your little girl the art of selecting the right fragrance from a young age. This skill will help her develop into a fine woman.

8) Let Her Have a Say

When you are selecting cute party wear for kids, choose the dresses that your little girl likes. Take her likes and dislikes into consideration while shopping for the right dresses. You might not want her to govern the entire selection process, but you should consider her choices without fail. This process will help her develop confidence in selecting the right dresses for herself.

9) Dress According to Her Body Style

A few dresses might look good on slim little girls. The same dresses might not be the best fit for the slightly healthier girls. Under such situations, you should dress your kid according to her body style.

10) Choose a Timeless Design

A lot of parents feel overwhelmed with the number of party dresses for a baby girl that they find in the market. If you too feel overwhelmed with so many choices, always go for a timeless design. Choose a branded and casual t-shirt along with a pair of trendy jeans. Such timeless combinations are great for a casual party as well as day-to-day wear.

11) Find the Matching Belts and Boots

While dressing your kid up, make sure that her belt and boots match. However, you don’t need to use this as a fixed rule. The adults need to be slightly more careful and adopt this rule more frequently. On the other hand, the kids have the flexibility of choosing fancy outfits with mismatching components. Several kids can pull off such unique combinations in style.

12) Does She Need a Necklace?

If you are choosing a dress with a hanging V-neck design, a good necklace will look great with it. Such accessories look splendid with ethnic dresses. However, they do not fit the more casual outfits that include jeans and a t-shirt. If you are selecting a necklace, go for a subtle one. Do not choose an extremely glittery and shiny necklace. A matte-colored necklace fits most outfits with delicate ingenuity.

13) Find the Right Belt

Belts are the go-to accessories for loose clothes. They offer great functionality as well as accentuate the overall look and feel of the dress correctly. The thickness and design of the belt matter a lot. Slimmer belts look great on dresses that have minimal prints. Similarly, the slightly broader belts look better with the printed and pleated dresses.

14) Make Use of Multiple Layers

Use the layering technique to your advantage while selecting the party dresses for a baby girl. A plain white t-shirt will produce the desired trendy appeal when you accessorize it with the right clothes. A trendy jacket and/or shawl look extremely fashionable with such minimalistic outfits.

15) Shop with Purpose

Both the online as well as offline markets are filled with hundreds of trendy party dresses for kids. Such a huge collection will either make you feel overwhelmed with choices, or you will feel a strong urge to buy a lot of outfits in a single shopping spree. Under such situations, you should control your urge to shop impulsively and buy the outfits that you need.

16) Experiment with Tucked-In and Tucked-Out Apparel

A simple t-shirt gives a completely different look when it is tucked in versus when it is left out hanging casually. Experiment often with different t-shirts as well as shirts. A few casual shirts will appear completely different and sophisticated when you tuck them in. Teach your little girl the skill of tuck-in her shirt correctly and she will appreciate it when she grows up.


17) Play with Different Prints

Kids have a huge room to play with when it comes to fancy printed clothes. Floral designs, as well as abstract shapes both, look great on kids’ clothes. The top kids’ clothing brands have a wide collection of dresses with all kinds of different prints. The kind of prints that you select must match the weather as well as the body type of your little girl. Floral designs look great in a sunny environment, whereas the modern abstract designs look the best in winters.

18) Make a Colour Pop

The best way to attract the attention of the audience at the party is to make a single color pop. The kids can make even the brightest color like red, yellow, and pink pop very well. They can get away with experimentation with a variety of different hues very easily.

19) Avoid Too Tight as well as Too Loose Clothes

Both too tight as well as too loose outfits look out of place. The tighter outfits will make your little girl feel claustrophobic. It will also restrict her free movement, which is essential in a party with an open dance floor. The loose clothes will be uncomfortable as your little girl will have to spend time consistently managing her dress. If you are choosing loose clothes to make your kid feel more comfortable, do throw in a couple of functional accessories like belts and laces to tie the outfit neatly together.

20) Throw on a Jacket

A simple leather jacket can completely change the look and feel of an outfit. The leather jacket, when styled in a right way will not only look great but also feel extremely comfortable.  The jacket feels like a natural extension to her clothes. Jackets can also help you provide a more comfortable and cozy feeling to your kid in colder environments.

21) Experiment with Contrasting Hues

A few colors that do not meld well together on adults look great on kids. Adults usually do not have the freedom to wear a green hat and a pink skirt along with a red top. Kids, on the other hand, can freely experiment with such contrasting hues and look extremely cute. The top cute party wear for kids usually has such contrasting colors.

22) A Fancy Pair of Sunglasses Looks Great

A fancy pair of sunglasses will help you enhance your kid’s facial features further. Unlike adults, kids can wear an extremely fancy and colorful pair of cool sunglasses and look cute with it. The sunglasses don’t necessarily need to match the rest of the outfit. An oddly colored pair of sunglasses will look great without any additional touches.

23) A Subtle Skin Toned Make Up is Sufficient

Teaching your little girl how to put the right makeup on is extremely important. However, you should always try and limit the amount of makeup on her skin. Always use the branded and certified products for putting the makeup on. The cheap and low-quality makeup products can harm their delicate skin at a young age.

24) Try an Elegant Lipstick

Teach your little girl how to choose the right lipstick according to her outfit and the occasion.

25) Choose Vertical Stripes

If you ever need to make a choice between vertical and horizontal striped clothes, always choose the ones with vertical stripes. The dresses with the horizontal stripes look extremely out of place. On the other hand, the dresses with vertical stripes have a more elegant feeling to them. They make your girl look taller and more confident.

26) Find a Matching Handbag

Teach your kid the art of selecting and wearing the right handbags. The handbags are extremely functional accessories that can help your little girl store all the pertinent items. Inculcating a habit of carrying a clutch or a trendy handbag at a young age is extremely helpful for the kids when they grow up.

27) Dress According to the Season

Try taking the cues of dressing up your kid according to the occasion. The right clothes will not only look good but feel comfortable according to the season. For example, padded clothes with a lot of layers will provide the necessary cozy feeling during the winters. Similarly, the lightweight and airy maxi dresses are the best summer dresses for your little girl.

28) Choose Matching Earrings

The right earrings can highlight the facial features of a person extremely well. Choose the right earrings according to the size of the face of your kid. Huge earrings feel out of place on kids with a smaller face. The color and the design of the earrings should match the outfit of your kid.

29) Replicate Your Design Style

You can try and replicate your own design style in your kid’s outfit. This way, your little girl can take fashion to a whole new level and will look like a mini fashionable version of yourself.


30) Wear it with Confidence

Lastly, teach your kid the art of wearing a dress with confidence. The confidence with which a kid walks and talks will speak volumes about her attitude. Kids who underdress with a minimalistic approach will look better than the kids who wear branded apparel if they are more confident and open. The other way around is true as well. The kids who dress well have a better sense of confidence and control compared to the ones who do not know how to carry a dress.

The internet is filled with several reliable online clothing stores for kids. These stores offer a huge collection of branded clothes and accessories. The best stores have a wide collection of fashionable and comfortable dresses & jewelry for kids. These stores never compromise on the quality of their materials to protect the delicate skin.