Tamanna in saree

In an industry that is obsessed with fair skin, Tamanna’s entry was treated as a game changer! Tamanna Bhatia, a native of Mumbai, has become an overnight sensation in southern cinema for her flawless fair skin. Every designer’s dream is to dress this ‘milk beauty’ in their creations, as she is known to take on all looks effortlessly. The Indian saree, in particular, suits her quite well and almost every color complements her beautiful skin tone. Tamanna’s saree photos are one of the most sought after on the internet, especially because of the way she covers them all. Let’s read on as we show you some of Tamanna’s latest saree photos.

Beautiful pictures of Tamanna Bhatia in Saree:

These are some of the latest photos of Tamanna in a variety of saris. From pastels to bright colors, this gorgeous damsel has pulled off every look with great ease and confidence!


1. Pictures of Tamanna in Half Saree

If your heart skipped a beat like ours, don’t blame us! This image shows the sensual side of this angelic beauty. The actress is seen wearing a pink lehenga with an orange dupatta. These bright shades contrast well with an off-white turtleneck blouse. The overall outfit looks amazing on her and we just can’t help but get excited about her expression!

2. Pictures of Tamanna in black saree:

Black and white is definitely a deadly combination! Tamanna’s milky white skin is further glorified by the contrast of the midnight black saree. This simple, but deadly-looking saree can give us an amazing moment! The blouse is well designed with a simple sequin work. With long earrings and her sultry smile, Tamanna looks like a demigod!

3. Tamanna Backless Saree:

Among Tamanna’s new saree images, this photo of her in a sky blue saree is a treat for sore eyes! The almost ‘ backless blouse reveals her polished skin and toned figure. She has effortlessly carried this look with enthusiasm and confidence. The back is adorned with a cute tassel, which makes this beauty look even more glamorous. We love this side of our favorite actress!


4. Pictures of Tamanna Pattu Saree:

Tamanna looks like a queen in this intricate saree from Pattu. The heaviness of this saree seems to have disappeared with the way she draped it. The traditional looking saree paired well with a contemporary designer blouse. She opted for a diamond bracelet and a solitaire, with a simple choker set. Doesn’t it look like something from a real painting?

5. Tamanna Bhatia in yellow saree:


Tamanna Bhatia looks like a daffodil in this yellow saree from Pattu! The actress was seen showing smiles to the paparazzi during a promotional event. She looked resplendent in this bright yellow silk saree with a blue trim. She kept a low-key appearance by wearing a simple yellow blouse and minimal accessories. This is called ‘Painting the city red’ with yellow!

6. Tamanna Designer Saree:

This gorgeous Tamanna designer saree has received a lot of praise for its elegant design. The simple georgette saree in bottle green is adorned with a mirror work border. It is elevated with a beautifully crafted cashmere work high neck bodice . Tamanna looks like nothing less than a dream in this beautiful creation. She kept her accessories minimal to draw attention to her beautiful face.

7. The sweet Ombre:

tamanna in saree

In this picture here, Tamanna looks wonderfully and ridiculously sweet with her hair combed to the side, but what gets a special mention in this picture is not only herself as a sweet and sugary person, but also the caramel colored saree. in a bright and eye-catching color. A beautiful mix of pink is achieved with the vibrant blue and ombre.

8. The real look:

The royal look

Combining a solid gold color full of glitter mixed with a soft and elegant red border, the beautiful Tamanna is wearing a peacock blue saree. The saree is kept to a minimum with the best of royal blue mill fabric, while the lower end of the saree sports a different lighter shade of gold.

9. The soft orange:

The soft orange

Orange can often be used in many religious events where the color, in addition to vibrancy and festivity, also portrays religious aspects and here Tamanna achieves a great look very easily where the bodice of the saree is a sober orange with a border. brown print. Towards the end, the saree is pearly white in color.

10. The earthy green:

Earthy green

You would often notice that an actress cannot pull off such a difficult color as green and therefore when Tamanna sported this look very easily we knew she would shine with green and it did. The saree has small design patterns drawn on it, as the outer lines had a wide red lining with a gold engraving.

11. The simpleton:

The simpleton

Here is one of the beautiful images of Tamanna in saree. The very pretty Tamanna tries to keep her appearance limited and contained, so she decided to flaunt this stunning number where the saree is decorated with a plain white background and a gold bead look. The bead pattern is trailing upward in a spiral fashion and it looks just fine.

12. The unique pattern:

The unique pattern

Usually we are used to seeing beautiful floral patterns and motifs on the saree, but here Tamanna steals the show with this fantastic one-of-a-kind saree and therefore wears this beautiful silver fishnet saree with red patterns drawn on it. he.

13. The work of the mirror:

The mirror works

Once again, Tamanna closes the deal in her fabulous sari, where she looks a million dollars expensive with the authentic Rajasthani patterned mirror artwork and the so well laid sari in nude beige chiffon. She combines it with saffron at the bottom with little ornaments on the body of the saree.

14. The lace bodice:

The lace bodice

Here in this ravishingly beautiful saree, Tamanna was just fantastic as she in her net white saree had a gorgeous piece of lace body art. The saree is extremely beautiful with soft yet bold features and the entire saree is covered in a simple black outline.

15. The sensual red:

The sensual red

Red is the fiery color of the season and if you want to flaunt your red wardrobe, do it like Tamanna in this stunning fishnet saree . The entire saree is painted with a simple lace net, while most of the pallu in the transparent net is placed majestically on her shoulders.

Style tips for Tamanna sarees:

Now you can test your favorite star’s look by following some of these expert styling tips:

  • Tamanna Sarees Are Lightweight, Minimalist And Contemporary In Style.
  • Keep The Saree Simple, But Lift It Up With A Modern Looking Blouse
  • Experiment With A Variety Of Neck Designs, Cuts, And Trims.
  • Don’t Go Overboard On The Jewelry Part. Opt For Simple Diamonds Or Polkis, Depending On The Occasion.
  • Always Comb Your Hair Well. Keep It Open Or Choose A Well-Done Bun
  • Carry An Elegant Mobile Bag Or A Small Clutch To Accompany Your Saree

Do you love those looks? So why not try them yourself? Tamanna’s style statement is about to keep her natural and elegant. She never goes overboard with her jewelry, makeup, or styling. Her natural beauty is enhanced by the way her looks are designed. She loves to experiment with bold, bright colors, but they never look too much on her skin tone. Therefore, you can choose one of these styles that suits your body type and skin tone and work your way to glory!