Low Calorie Lunch Recipes

Today’s world is infuriated to be healthy. The fierce competition that rules the world makes it clear that the blessing of being healthy is compared to anything greater. In the race to keep the schedule on time, we often lose the proper nutrients that strengthen our bodies. Breakfast is often missed and dinner was spicy. In today’s article, we will talk about how low calorie lunch recipes can bring you delicious dishes, you just need to know the right kind of recipes.


Best Low Calorie Lunch Recipes:

Here we enlist, 8 simple and easy low calorie lunch recipes in India. Let’s take a look at

1. Chickpea falafel sandwich:

low calorie lunch recipes

To start this recipe, add some cornstarch, egg and chickpea starch to a bowl and make patties out of it. You can even add thyme and parsley to the mix and refrigerate once it’s done. On a pita bread, spread the tahini sauce and slice some black olives, tender tripe, tomatoes and chopped onions and make a sauce with it. Fry the burgers until golden brown and place on a plate.



2. Shrimp Caesar Salad:

healthy low calorie lunch recipes 2

Make your Caesar salad with cabbage leaves mixed with celery, spinach, black olives, and chives topped with a little olive oil. You can even add thyme and parsley to it. Now for the shrimp, boil and scale. Paint some lemon juice and white soybeans before planting.

3. Smoked beef chili:

Healthy Low Calorie Lunch Recipes 3


Boil some broad beans in a bowl while cooking the beef short ribs in bar-bq sauce. Once this is done, put the meat in a pan with butter and cook it until it turns a golden brown color. Drain the beans and prepare a sauce with onion and tomato and tripe and once done add the beef ribs, the chili paste and the tomato puree and fry it.

4. Grilled Chicken and Cheese Sandwich:

Healthy Low Calorie Lunch Recipes 4


The basic requirement for this is boiled chicken slices cut in half, toasts and whole cheese. To get the food, she began placing onions and tomato rings on a plate before sliding in the chicken pieces dusted with cumin, chili flakes, and oregano. Now grate the cheese and sprinkle it on top before sealing the larva and grilling it to perfection.

5. Whole wheat salad:

Healthy Low Calorie Lunch Recipes 5

To start with this salad, you would need a piece of meat to accompany it, either bacon or a slice of chicken. Dice the pieces and brush them with herbs before adding them to the pan. In a skillet brown a little red wine and add lettuce leaves with some scallions and bell peppers and then mix in the chicken and the pieces of bread.

6. Braised rack of lamb with red wine:

Healthy Low Calorie Lunch Recipes 6

In a skillet, add some white soy and red wine and brown before adding some peas and onion cubes. Prior to this you must cook the lamb ribs and grill them so that now you can add them to the mixture and create a perfect lunch. You can even add mashed potatoes as a garnish or some baked broccoli as a side.

7. Chicken soup with sweet corn noodles:

healthy low calorie lunch recipes 7

Mix the olive oil in a pot with water and put the noodles while cooking the chicken pieces in a separate pot. Once done, start making the soup by adding Parmesan, sweet corn, onion to a cup of water and adding a pinch of cornmeal. Once this is done, gather all the ingredients and season to taste before serving hot.

8. Mango and black bean salad:

healthy low calorie lunch recipes 8

For a light lunch, why not go for the Mango Black Bean Salad made with the best mangoes that will make your taste buds go wrong. Cut the mangoes into small pieces while you boil the black beans. Make a dipping sauce by adding vinegar and lime to diced tomatoes, onions, and corn. Now drain the beans and add everything as a salad.