Best ways to cure impotence permanently?

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is one of the common male sexual problems. It occurs after 40 in males to some extent. A study by the urology association of the United States indicated that 50 percent of males over 50 suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction.

Medical studies and innovations in recent years have made it possible to cure erectile dysfunction permanently. The permanent treatment depends on the underlying cause and medical status of the male. The younger males and mid-aged male who have lifestyle issues behind erectile problems can easily cure it permanently. Seniors who have medical ailments can check the deterioration of erection degree by medical intervention and use of medicines like Sildenafil citrate 200mg as prescribed by the doctor.

Permanent cure –find the underlying cause

The first step in cure is knowing the underlying cause. Impotence or erectile dysfunction as it is known in medical terms never comes without any cause. The cause may range from obesity to diabetes, mental tension to low libido, or psychological issues. Some of the causes may be;

Lifestyle causes

Constant high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, cardiovascular disease or obesity, etc. contribute to the condition which leads to erectile dysfunction. Without dealing with these causes, no medicine can cure erectile weakness permanently.

Check the hormone balance

Low testosterone production in the body or increases in estrogens, one of the two sexual hormones women have, also has been reported behind erectile weakness in men. Low testosterone lowers the libido directly. And, a man with low libido or desire will never come to the arousal level that is necessary for an erection even after using an erection boosting medicine. Sometimes, medical observations have led doctors to note the increase in estrogen in the male body also creates problems with the erection process.

Emotional and Physiological issues

Relationship discord, marital problems, professional and business stress, anxiety, performance anxiety, fear of erection loss due to bad experience in the first encounter, depression, etc. have hampered the erection process in males.

The psychologist conducts an assessment through a series of questions to understand the mental and emotional state of the patient. The treatment is through counseling sessions involving cognitive behavior therapy.

Permanent treatment steps

Healthy diet

In the majority of cases, erectile dysfunction is due to a lack of libido, low testosterone production, or less physical energy. All causes are cured by a healthy diet. A healthy diet is part of the lifestyle that supports a healthy body. Only a healthy body will have a good erection process.

Along with a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle also comprises cutting down on smoking, alcohol, and a sedentary lifestyle. Vitamin B complex diet comprises spinach, broccoli, nuts, eggs, liver, fish, chicken, and seeds improves several aspects of erectile dysfunction. It takes care of low libido, low testosterone, and low energy levels.

Add fruits like melon, orange, berries, pomegranate, and avocado in the diet at breakfast to maintain a healthy blood flow. A healthy blood flow increases erection by filling the spongy tissue of the male organ. The blood rush enlarges the organ and lifts it to give an erection.

Counseling session – cognitive behavior therapy

It is no harm to seek professional help to cure mental and psychological issues. Cognitive behavior therapy is the core of psychological services. It changes the behavior and response of the patient towards the same emotional issues which earlier caused mental turmoil. The same problems no longer disturb the person. Counseling sessions can be individual or with the partner depending on the instruction of the psychologist.

Pelvic muscle exercise

Several males have reported improvement in blood circulation towards the private organ after pelvic muscle exercises. The exercise involves lying on the back, lifting the mid-section of the body by keeping weight on shoulders and knees. The pelvic muscles with the stomach and chest are off the ground. It opens up the channels to increase energy and blood flow towards the pelvic area, which holds a private organ.

However, it must be noted that Pelvic muscle exercises help in the initial stages of erectile dysfunction.  It may be difficult for seniors with knee problems to perform the exercise. Mid aged males, who depend on Levitra 60mg , a higher dose by doctors, can lower the dose requirement for regular pelvic exercises.


It is within the reach of males to cure erectile difficulties permanently. The only condition is that medical help should be approached without delay, as delay may worsen the underlying conditions. A bit of discipline to maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes a long way to keep erection issues at bay.