benefits about apple cider vinegar for libido

 Apple cider vinegar is fermented apple juice with some content of alcohol. It has always been touted as a healthy option for better health. Recently, the medical studies were conducted to understand its role in increasing libido and curing erectile dysfunction in males.

Low libido is a problem in males which directly affects their erection process. Maintaining a healthy libido is necessary to keep erection difficulties at bay. Many fruits and food items are used by males to keep their libido intact for life as much as possible. The apple cider vinegar is also pointed out in recent studies as one possible libido booster. Proponents say that apple cider supports a healthy heart, liver and kidney and prevents diabetes to keep libido intact.

Apple cider and libido in males

Currently there is no direct evidence that apple cider can increase libido. But there are sufficient medical supports for apple cider vinegar in maintaining and checking several other lifestyle diseases that have negative impact on libido.

It has been established that an overweight man, and a diabetic person see decline in libido, which increases chances of erectile dysfunction. Apple cider regulates blood glucose, helps weight management, and prevents heart diseases. Once a man is able to control diabetes and check weight, he will be able to see improvement in libido. If it is proved that apple cider does have a positive impact on libido, then it can cure erectile dysfunction as well. This is because low libido is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction in males. However, a man who is suffering from erectile issues is prescribed Generic cialis 60 mg online, a higher dose, by a doctor to get an erection. The dose is prescribed when lower doses fail to give the intended result. There is no medical evidence that apple cider boosts the erection process.

Supports a healthy heart

A cardiovascular disease affects the erection process, as the heart is unable to pump sufficient blood into the body. Medical evidence suggests that by lowering blood lipids, fat like substance in blood, the erection process gets a boost. The smooth flow of blood also improves cardiovascular health, as the heart does not have to work under stress. Apple cider vinegar has shown positive results in reducing fat in blood in two studies conducted in 2014 and 2018. The studies were conducted on rates on fat diet, but still showed less obesity as apple cider kept fat in blood under control. However grams cannot be used as an alternative to Sildenafil citrate 200mg , recommended ED medication dose, but definitely be used to support the sexual function naturally.

So, as a weight management tool, apple cider can help a male to prevent decline of libido by reducing obesity. Constant high libido keeps the erection process in optimum condition.

Apple cider in diabetes control

Diabetes as lifestyle diseases adversely affects the health of a male. It damages blood vessels and lowers the blood flow, which increases the chances of erectile dysfunction. Apple cider lowers the blood sugar levels. A study in 2015 found improvement in blood sugar level of males who had the higher intake of apple cider in some form in their diet.

Healthy for kidney and liver health

Males with kidney and liver diseases are major contributors to erectile dysfunction in males. Males with liver or kidney ailment never get a smooth erection process. They even have to take medical precautions before using medicine for erection, as ED drugs interact with medicines.

Apple cider improves the quantity of antioxidants in the body to lower oxidation stress in liver and kidney. Oxidation stress happens due to increase in free radicals and decrease in antioxidants.

 By improving the health of vital organs, apple cider prevents the formation of underlying medical causes for a decline in libido. Its role in keeping the libido intact is important, because doctors prescribing Generic Levitra 60 mg works mention physical stimulation for an erection. And, stimulation is easy to get for a man with libido.


Apple cider vinegar has shown promising results in various studies in keeping libido intact by supporting a healthy body. It helps male keep diabetes under control, improves heart function by reducing fat in blood and reduces oxidative stress in the liver and kidney. It supports the factors which maintain a healthy libido in males. However, apple cider is no substitute for a weight management plan and a healthy diet. Consult a medical expert before increasing apple cider quantity in food preparations, as it might cause allergy to some users.