Katrina Kaif in Sari

Foreign-born Katrina Kaif who gained popularity through a Bollywood movie. She is known as the most sexist and talented actress who entered the Hindi film industry in 2003. Katrina Kaif, known for her beauty, has portrayed her style of dress not only through western clothing but also through beautiful and modern types of sarees. Fans around the world have been inspired to select some of the best sarees worn by her. But for those who want the best Katrina in a beautiful saree and select one of the best, proceed to read this article further to know the top 10 types of Katrina Kaif in saree!

Stunning images of Katrina in Saree:

Take a look at the latest Katrina Kaif sarees with pictures and select the right saree for the perfect occasion.

1. Katrina Kaif Black Saree:


Black is definitely a hot and sexy color when it comes to saree color selection. Katrina in black saree is one of the hottest saris she wears. This simple plain fishnet saree with a shiny, sparkly edge makes the saree light. Since the saree is lightweight, it is easy to wear and carry for longer. The best occasion to wear less work saree and light clothes could definitely be for a night party at a friends place and a casual party at the office.

2. Katrina Kaif Red Saree:

Summer has arrived and you are thinking of stacking your wardrobe with cotton sarees. Then check out this Katrina Kaif red saree designs . This is a simple yet trendy cotton saree with a gold line border. To contrast with the saree, select a dark green sleeveless or sleeveless blouse of your choice. The most common cotton saree among Indian women goes to a religious gathering or a function, as well as for theater with a saree. Simple sarees are easy to perform for a longer time.

3. Katrina Kaif Pink Saree:

Yet another amazing Katrina in pink saree, this saree is cotton candy pink saree . The saree is a single patterned saree with a floral patchwork that is seen alongside the saree. The saree is best suited with a subtle white high neck blouse with ¾ sleeves. The suitable occasion to wear single patterned pink saree is for any religious functions like Durga Puja and festive seasons. The saree is easy to wear, resulting in less sweat.

4. Katrina Kaif Blue Saree:

The color blue is the color that is considered and symbolizes love and passion. Girls and women definitely like to wear blue saree more often due to the affinity of the color and its after-wear appearance. The blue Katrina Kaif saree looks stunning with a sleeveless top and a pair of heavy jewelry. The recommended occasion to wear the elegant glitter faux blue print saree would definitely be a store opening ceremony or any family party attendance that involves meeting a large crowd.

5. Katrina Kaif in white saree:

White is the color that symbolizes peace and tranquility. The ladies of the current generation have started to wear white colored saree as a trendy outfit concept modernized with the traditional Indian flair. The white Katrina Kaif saree with gold stone visible along the edge is an elegant saree design. Try to wear this saree in a more modernized way by using a slim shirt as a blouse pattern for the first day, show the movie Katrina Kaif and get the feeling of nostalgia.

6. Katrina Kaif Designer Saree:

Designer saree has always been a prominent type of saree among women of all age groups. This type of saree has gained popularity among the eye-catching saree filled with amazing work. This is one of designer Katrina Kaif’s sarees, a lightweight chiffon material with gold flower and leaf print. The best occasion to tie this great saree might be to go to a friend’s reception party or a friend’s birthday party in a nice heavy neck piece. The less work saree can also be worn in grand opening movie theaters.

7. Katrina Kaif Yellow Saree:

Women who like to wear a plain and simple saree, then this is the right kind of saree type to go for. The yellow Katrina Kaif saree is one of the simple saree, the color of the yellow is dyed to a darker shade which adds a subtle look when worn. Pair the saree with a blouse of similar color and material. The simple chiffon saree is an ideal and easy to wear saree type that can be worn when going to the movies with the family.

8. Katrina Kaif in Green Saree:

The color green is considered as one of the divine colors, to match that thought, women can choose the traditional green clothing that includes saree. The movie star inspired saree is one of the most popular saree collections in the store. One such collection is Katrina Kaif in green saree. The plain synthetic saree with the sequenced edge is easy to wear and easy to wear. The suggested occasion to wear this type of saree could be attending a wedding performance like Mehndi, as well as going to the movies with your loved one. Wear a hot saree and make your life man smoother.

9. Katrina Kaif in Half Saree:

Get the amazing feeling by wearing a great half saree that is quite different from the usual saree type. Katrina Kaif in half saree, one of the kind of inspired saree in which the blouse and skirt are worn separately and can be connected with a long dupatta. The dupatta can be tied with pleats like the saree or tied along one side of the bodice. The half saree is commonly worn during marriages as well as at the reception party. Depending on the type of material, the half saree can be worn during the wedding or during the party.

10. Katrina Kaif Net Saree:

The net saree has definitely gained its popularity through the movie stars. Especially the actress like Katrina Kaif who has worn may net sari in her movies has made her name tag as Katrina Kaif in net sari. One such saree is the pink fishnet material with brown glitter worked edge saree. Pair the saree with a sleeveless maroon velvet material blouse, which adds contrast to the pink body of the saree. To make you look more sexy and impressive at a friend’s reunion party, the net saree would be the ideal choice.

Actress-inspired clothing has definitely caught the eye among ladies and has been holding the tip of the iceberg for many years. The only changes are that the current dress style of the actress differs from the previous one, which makes a difference in dressing. Now a traditional looking saree can be made to look hotter and sexier by choosing the fabric and tying style of the saree. Katrina Kaif in Saree Inspired Saree Types is one of the variations seen in wearing a saree in a modernized way with current fashion. Get inspired and choose the best type of saree that suits your body type and show off yourself.