Indoor play ideas to stimulate young children at home

children ideaS
children ideaS

With children’s vitality and desire to play , it is important to remain calm at home and give them options so that they do not get bored or out of control . So that this period does not become an uphill battle for any of the members of the household, we have put together some ideas to do with children during this period.

1.- Maintain the routine

Although it is not an activity as such, we want to start from this point before starting to comment on the rest . Although this is an exceptional situation, the little ones must maintain a fixed schedule and always get up and go to bed at the same time . The important thing is that they do not have the feeling that we are in a vacation period where anything goes and there are no rules to follow.

2.- Make them participate in the housework

So that they are not hooked to a screen all day and are also active, helping with household chores is a good option . For example, making the bed or setting the table are simple activities that serve to keep them busy. Also, gamifying this can be interesting. Creating a system of points or stickers , which go up each time you perform a task well, is a highly recommended way to give them an incentive .

3.- Sport at home

Children have great vitality and they need to run and play to let off steam a little and that it does not accumulate when they are at home, making them very nervous and it is difficult for them to fall asleep . For this, doing some exercise at home and even yoga or some similar activity can help replace afternoons in the park.

Also, if the little ones have consoles , it is very likely that there is a game that encourages them to carry out this activity. In this way, they exercise in a digital environment that they know , which may predispose them to a positive response .

4.- Creativity, a great ally

Beyond reading books or comics, a great idea for children to stimulate their imagination is to write or create their own stories . Also, crafts, painting, coloring or drawing are ideal activities for children to unleash their creativity in a simple and calm way.

Another option is to propose to the little ones some topic on which they investigate and prepare a presentation on cardboard, for example, that is entertaining and fun to present it to the rest of the family later .

Also, nowadays we have mobiles that record better than many professional cameras, so it is a perfect occasion to come up with a plot and record a movie at home . Camera and action!

5.- Travel the world

Visiting the most remote or special corners of the world is easier than ever. With just one click, Google Maps takes you where you choose . In addition, this application allows you to enter museums and special buildings.

In addition, the mobile can be played on television to see the images in large or, even if you have virtual reality glasses , they can be used to make the trip more immersive.

6.- See family photos or videos

Whether in album or digital, looking at photos from a few years ago or watching home videos of recent trips is an activity that both young and old know how to appreciate . In addition, it is an ideal occasion to spend time with the family and tell stories that the little ones do not know.

7.- Have fun!

Last but not least, we must also leave room for pure and simple fun: costume parade , treasure hunt around the house , the classic but always fun hide-and-seek… Anything that comes to mind for the little ones and that it can be done, it will be an oasis within the entire period of confinement that lies ahead. So, the best escape is to enjoy like children .