celebrate a birthday
celebrate a birthday

Throughout the year the little ones await their birthday with great enthusiasm, since it is their most special date. Even if we can’t celebrate it surrounded by your friends, it’s always a good idea to use our imagination and use all the technological tools we have at our disposal. Do you want to know the best tricks to celebrate your birthday without leaving home? 

The best ideas to celebrate a birthday at home

For the little ones in the house there is no better celebration than their birthday to be surrounded by friends and to be able to play together. Although due to the current situation we cannot organize such a party, we have many original alternatives within our reach to make your birthday a very special day.

Write down all these ideas, which make use of new technologies, but also use things as simple as a delicious dessert, a song or a game. Because everything is worth it to ensure the fun of the little ones in the house. Remember that at Peque World we have prepared a lot of virtual activities for the month of April, with a daily activity geared towards each child. Activities, games, recipes and crafts so that children do not stop having fun.

an online party

Use all the applications that we currently have to communicate your children with their friends. Some of the ones we like the most are Skype, Google Duo or Zoom , since they allow many members on the call. Also, don’t forget to make a virtual invite for this date using simple apps like Canva or PicsArt.

Prepare a delicious cake

The cake cannot be missing in our celebrations, that’s why we suggest you get down to work and prepare that cake that you like so much. We love the option of grandma’s cake, cheesecake or crepes. Very simple but delicious. We leave you a list with the best recipes to inspire you.


Games in the distance

Technology is often more useful than we think and allows us to innovate with games. Select the video call platform that you like the most and opt for a game so you can have fun in the distance. One of the easiest is dress-up , which involves improvising a costume with objects found at home and friends finding out what it is.
Another classic of games is that of movies, through mimicry, which can be extended to series or famous characters. the painting gameIt is also a classic and for this they only have to draw a picture and show it to the camera, waiting for their friends to guess. For this you just have to use your imagination and adapt the usual games to a remote version.


home decoration

You have no excuse not to prepare a good decoration, which this time will be closer to crafts. Take out all the colored paper from the drawer to make pennants or garlands in the shape of characters or objects such as hearts, stars or smiley faces. Cut out the cereal boxes to make the letters of your child’s name. Small details that you can distribute throughout the house to give it joy and the vitality of a birthday party.

One of the crafts that we like the most is the balloon curtain, which you can make with fabric cutouts and with a balloon at the bottom. Colorful and very original.

A big happy birthday

“Happy Birthday” is a song that is always happy to hear on our special day, so don’t think twice and let your neighbors know on social networks or through WhatsApp so they can sing your little one’s birthday. Agree on a time and look out the window for this original date. A very simple gesture that guarantees that it is a very happy day and that you feel protected.

Breakfast in bed

There is no better way to start the day than with a delicious breakfast. Surprise the birthday boy with a delicious breakfast, such as pancakes or crepes with fruit and take it to bed on a tray for him to enjoy. The sweetest way to start a day full of surprises and joy. There are many printable kits for you to decorate your plate, cups, and trays with your favorite characters or with holiday motifs.


Family games

Friends are essential on this day, but we cannot ignore that this is a time for families to come together. Do not stop having a good time together, with board games or with games of mimicry and costumes. All shared games are a good option for this day, in which the protagonist is the birthday boy.