When the cold weather sets in, you don’t have to put your favorite pro black shirts away for good. There are plenty of ways to style your t-shirt into your cozy winter looks! Check out these tips and tricks and elevate your t-shirt game this winter!

Layers are Everything

First and foremost, layers are your best friend when it comes to wearing t-shirts in the winter. If you want to go out wearing your favorite t-shirts, consider layering them under your favorite jackets, flannels, or other open-front outerwear. This way, you’ll still be able to see the logo or the cut of your favorite t-shirt without getting cold. If your t-shirt is made of soft, quality material, you should have no problem layering it under one or more other articles of clothing. 

Flannels and Button-Ups

Use flannel and button-up shirts as a mid-layer on cold winter days. Leave the shirt open over your t-shirt so that your favorite logos and designs are still visible. On warmer days, you can wear this mid-layer alone. Either way, you can use other outerwear to stay warm while still rocking your favorite t-shirt. 

Leather Jackets

It’s never too cold to rock a leather jacket over a t-shirt! Most winter days (except those brutally cold ones!), you can layer a leather jacket over your t-shirt directly. For more layers and a different look, you can put your favorite leather jacket over an open flannel, when your t-shirt is the final layer. 

The leather jacket adds a touch of style but also keeps you warm. Pair this layered ensemble with your favorite jeans or insulated leggings and you can’t go wrong!


Of course, one of the most casual ways to wear your favorite t-shirt is to wear it under a hoodie. While you can wear a t-shirt under your favorite pull-over, you won’t be able to see it. Instead, choose to layer an open-front, zip-up athletic hoodie over a t-shirt. 

These hoodies tend to fit looser, and you have the bonus of being able to see your t-shirt underneath the hoodie. This look is perfect with a neutral, plain hoodie in a single color. Together, this can be a super casual look that helps to show off that t-shirt you just can’t wait to wear!


One of the best things about winter is staying home, cuddling under a blanket, and being warm. When you’re staying in the warmth of your home, why not give your favorite t-shirt some use? Dig that t-shirt out to wear while you’re hanging around at home, and when you don’t have to stay warm with extra layers.

If you get cold, try putting a thin sweater under your t-shirt so you can keep wearing it. You should wear the t-shirts that make you happy even when you’re staying home! You can also wear your t-shirt out if you have to by using a thermal shirt layered under the t-shirt. Stay warm and still display your favorite graphic tee! 

Extreme Casual

Sometimes, you want to create an entirely new look without following a set formula. While the ‘extreme casual’ look does take some work, it can also turn out extremely well. If you mix the right components, you may even set a trend!

You can try to mix up very casual layers (your favorite t-shirt and leggings or jeans) with more professional pieces. Wear a fancy scar and a bomber jacket over your t-shirt, and wear uggs on your feet. Try to mix it up with sunglasses, jewelry, and more. 

The most important thing about trying combos like this is to avoid going with the crowd. Wear what makes you happy! Try that business blazer with leggings, and wear sneakers with your favorite peacoat! With the perfect accessories and an amazing handbag, you can rock it!


Winter doesn’t mean you have to put your favorite t-shirt away for good. There are so many ways you can continue to wear those high-quality hoodies well into the winter months. If you just can’t get enough of them, why put them away? Make sure to change up your look with accessories, shoes, and different types of jackets.