gym at home
gym at home

Going to the gym has practically become a necessity for many, however, when the coronavirus crisis began, we had to leave them aside. Some time ago the vast majority reopened, but despite all the security measures there are still those who are afraid to go and prefer to exercise at home.

Can you imagine having the comforts of a traditional gym at home? And without having to wait to use the material ! It seems like a dream but it is not. Nowadays anything is possible, even setting up your own gym at home. You can make it as professional as you want, focus only on what you need and also save time and money. But what do you need to make this functional?

cardio machine


Cardio is one of the most important parts of a sports routine . It is necessary before exercise, to warm up, and afterwards to burn those extra calories and work on your resistance . The rest of assisted machines may not be necessary for you, however doing cardio at home requires a machine to help you. You can choose between stationary or upright bikes, treadmills or even ellipticals . It is true that this may be the largest part of the investment, but do not worry because there are options for all pockets:

Exercise Bike Indoor Cycle





The next thing you need is tools that allow you to work on your bodybuilding exercises in a professional way. For this you do not have to use any machine , although that depends on the taste of each one. To work the whole body you can use many things , if you are traditional you can get a set of dumbbells, but also for other parts of the body that are not the upper body, you can use elastic bands or weights for the legs . Also do not forget to get a mat so that when you do exercises on the floor you do not hurt yourself.

You may also be one of those who need bars, plates and a bench to do other types of exercises. But that will depend on how professional you want to be and the price you want to pay

other tools

Basically with the above you could start training perfectly and also in a quite professional way, however there are many things that you can use to train at home, it will also depend on whether you want objects that you can store anywhere or you are going to allocate a room only to to train.

The more determined may want to get a large mirror to give their new exercise room a professional gym look . The most daring may need a bar to do pull-ups , you will be surprised to know that some can even be hung from the doors. And maybe there are also those who are encouraged to buy a good speaker that makes the neighbors think that you have actually set up a speakeasy.

In short, setting up a personal gym is not that complicated and is available to everyone. The only problem is that once you have it, the excuse that you don’t have time or that you don’t feel like going won’t work, because you’ll already be there.