wardrobe for summer
wardrobe for summer

Oh well! Haven’t you put away your winter clothes and organized your summer clothes yet? There are clothes that will stay with you all year, but most of them have to be put away to make room for fresh and colorful clothes with which to face the heat. Do you want to know how you can prepare your wardrobe for summer and have everything organized? From our furniture store in Valencia we have prepared this small guide to make your task easier.

Tips to organize your wardrobe for summer

Get rid of the clothes you no longer wear!:

This may be the most difficult step, but the sooner you do it the better. Surely there are garments that you haven’t worn all autumn and winter… Those are the ones you have to say goodbye to. Because let’s be honest, no matter how much we promise to lose a few pounds to get into those ideal jeans, we have set that goal for several years without success. And even if we appreciate that sweater from our adolescence, we will not be able to go back to those years. But nothing happens! Getting rid of those clothes will allow you to save a lot of space and leave room for new outfits with which you will feel really comfortable and to which you will give utility.


Wash clothes before putting them away:

It is essential to wash the garments before storing them for months. But be careful with the amount of detergent and softener you put, if you go too far, stains can appear that are very difficult to remove. If you can, let the clothes dry in the open air and once dry, iron them.

Save each garment according to its characteristics:

It is not a good idea to keep everything in a pile and we will see how we organize ourselves when the cold arrives. No. Since you wear, do it well. Buy covers, boxes and everything you need to store your clothes and accessories without damaging them. When it’s your turn to take everything out to face the cold, you’ll appreciate having everything organized by style and type of clothing.


Take out the summer clothes and organize them by colors and frequency of use:

Sorting clothes by color is a very valid criterion that can help you a lot to find your clothes with a simple glance. Keep in mind that you should not separate jacket and pants and skirt sets. You must opt ​​for a placement that helps you locate everything quickly, that makes the most of the space and that keeps your clothes smooth and in good condition.

It’s the turn of the shoes!:

Yes, yes, because they are also ordered. Having winter and summer shoes together is over. Make a good selection and sort them by styles and colors. Place the ones you use less on top and at eye level your favorites for hot summer days.


And the accessories?:

They are also ordered! And what a joy it is when everything is finally in its place and you don’t waste time unraveling the necklaces or looking for the earrings you need! Leave scarves and belts on display and jewelery organized in little boxes differentiating bracelets, necklaces, earrings… As for bags, the best option is to have them hung or stored according to size and style.

And… Voila! Wardrobe prepared to also enjoy the freshness of summer and save you time in the search for the outfit of the day. Isn’t that great? We hope these tips will help you… Now it’s your turn! Do you share your tricks to have everything at your fingertips?