Nail Color

For many people, choosing a nail color comes down to whatever catches your eye in the moment, or whatever you have on hand. You might take into consideration the season, the trends, an upcoming event, your skin tone, or all of the above. But not everyone knows that the decision you make, the color you choose for your nails, can actually affect your mood. 

Some call it chromotherapy, some call it color therapy, and some aren’t aiming for any sort of therapy at all. Regardless, whether you’re opting for traditional nail polish or choosing your next set of semi cured gel nails, the color you choose can be about more than just the seasonal trends. Below, we’ll talk about how you can choose the right nail color shade for your mood… or the mood you’re aiming to take on. 

Chromotherapy: The Basics

Before we break down the effects of different colors, we’ll start with a brief explanation of chromotherapy and the theories that surround it. 

Chromotherapy, in technical terms, is all about utilizing the right combination of light and color as a treatment for certain conditions. In the case of picking out your next set of semi cured gel nails, it’s about harnessing the effects of certain colors and shades to enhance, change, or maintain your mood. Studies examining art, color, and nature throughout history have suggested that different colors can affect your mood differently. For example, you may use various colors to simulate a certain mood. With a particular mood-simulating color on your nails, you might find yourself actually in that mood before you know it, or at least be reaping the benefits associated with that color. So with a quick background on different colors and what they all mean, you can bring color therapy into your life in a very simple and stylish way: through your nails. 

Red: Give Yourself a Boost

When I think of a color that sends a message, red is the first one that comes to mind. From a red dress to red lipstick, the choice of a bold, bright, attention-grabbing color sends a message. It’s sexy, it’s eye-catching, and it suggests that the wearer is confident. As it turns out, those who study chromotherapy might suggest that rocking the color red doesn’t just mean the wearer is confident, but can also boost that confidence or can help create a feeling of confidence where one might not have existed before. So if you’re looking for a confidence boost, or want to feel bold and need a little help, go for red nails. 

Blues: Not Necessarily Melancholy

From sayings like “Monday blues” or “a case of the blues,” many people connect the color blue with sadness and melancholy. But on the contrary, experts actually say the color blue can help with feelings of calmness and relaxation. So if you are feeling melancholy and want to get out of that, or if you’re feeling particularly stressed, go for a shade of blue when you order your next set of semi cured gel nails. There are numerous different shades available to ensure you find the right one for the occasion. Blue doesn’t have to mean you’re feeling low; instead, make blue your zen color. 

Yellow: Pay Attention to the Shade

When it comes to yellow, not all shades will necessarily help you achieve the mood you’re going for. Yellow is bright and happy. It’s the color we associate with sunshine, making it the perfect spring or summer color. It also is said to help increase energy and even metabolism. But, if you choose a yellow that’s too saturated, too stimulating, it can actually lead you towards the wrong kind of energy, a more anxious energy that can put people on edge. So if you’re going for a mood booster, yellow can be a great way to go, but pay attention to its shade.

Green: Get Into Yourself

The color green is said to have a small spectrum of its own when it comes to effects, though they’re essentially all positive. Greens are known to help people get in touch with themselves; some say it helps them relax and open up to their own vulnerabilities, some say it promotes healing and growth, and others say it even can enhance productivity. Scientifically, human eyes are very sensitive to the color green. It’s a lot to do with wavelengths and retinas, but essentially, due to the spectrum of color and the way our eyes receive those colors, green is the easiest color for us to see. The less strain, even though we don’t even know our eyes are doing the work, the less stress. This helps explain a bit why green is known to help us open up and relax. 

Purple: Creatively Unnatural

Many consider the color purple unique because it’s not found in nature as frequently as greens, reds, and yellows. Its lack of representation in nature has given the color purple a creative connotation; people find it mysterious, sometimes even spiritual, and some say this helps provoke creativity. The mystery of the color also makes it great for a night out, and can be connected to swooning and sensual love as well. 

As far as chromotherapy goes, this list is just the beginning. Reading up on how different colors affect our moods often begins with a little science about light and color and wavelengths. But if you don’t have time for that, and just want to know what color of semi cured gel nails you should choose before your next occasion, then this list covers some of the basics to get you on the right track.