How to Apply Ombr Eyeshadow Perfectly

Every woman knows how to apply makeup perfectly, but it seems that few women know how to apply ombr Eyeshadow perfectly. Eyeshadow is the foundation of your eyes and can make or break your whole look. If you don’t get your eye color exactly right, your whole makeup will come out flat and your eyes will not look great. There are some basic tips you should know before you begin. Here they are:

Start off with a clean, lint-free cloth. Begin applying the makeup by taking a tiny brush and sweeping a small amount of loose powder into the outermost edge of the eyelid. Next, apply a medium amount of the darker color to the eyelid in a smooth sweeping motion. Be careful not to smudge the lighter colored makeup as you go along.

Next, use a very thin eyeliner along the upper lashes and blend well. Make sure that your eyeliner extends to the outer edge of the eye. Now, apply a very thin line of white eye shadow on the lower part of the upper lid. Blend this line using upward strokes. Lastly, apply a bit of mascara along the lower lash line and blend again.

One of the most important things you need to know about how to apply ombr Eyeshadow perfectly is that you should start applying from the bottom lash line. Starting there will give you the highest level of color for your eyes. To get started, tap a cotton ball against the outer edge of each eye. This will loosen up any excess powder that might be on your eyelids.

Start from the bottom lash line and brush in an upward motion, starting the brush at the top and slowly working your way down. When you reach the crease of your eye, use upward strokes to fill in that area. Continue this process to the bottom of your eye and blend well. Your eyelashes are going to be very stiff, so you need to take some time and get them properly positioned. Also, your eyelashes are going to stand out and stand apart from your regular eye lashes, which is a good thing.

When you have your eye lashes where you want them, it is time to fill in the gap between the lashes with a darker color. A dark brown works great, and a charcoal color looks even better. To prevent smearing, you will need to make sure your eye shadow stays on for a few seconds after applying it. If it doesn’t stay on, then you need to reapply the color.

To make sure that your color stays where you applied it, you will need to apply a second coat, which is usually one and a half coats, to keep the color where you want it. The reason that you need to do this is because when you first apply the eyeliner, you may not have the color where you wanted it on your lashes. You need to wait for a few minutes and reapply the color to get the effect that you want.

How to apply or eyeshadow correctly is the key to a beautiful look. There are many steps to taking this makeup on, but they all come down to the basics of keeping it on, staying on, and applying it evenly. Make sure that your eyeshadow stays on, doesn’t fade, and doesn’t rub off onto other objects. These tips will ensure that you get the looks that you are trying to achieve. This is how to apply ombr Eyeshadow Perfectly!