face cream
face cream

Moisturizing cream is a fundamental step in our beauty routine, not only to prevent the appearance of the signs of aging, but also for health reasons. The skin is also an organ (the largest in the body) and therefore requires specific care. If you still don’t know what a cream can do for you, we encourage you to learn with us what the secrets are to apply the cream in the best way and see your skin glowing after summer . Pay attention!

How to apply face cream step by step

Even if you are not used to applying cream on a daily basis, this step is essential for the skin on your face to be healthy. The most important thing about facial routines is hydration , whatever skin you have: oily, combination, dry… there is an ideal cream for you. Try to find the texture that seems most pleasant to you and that suits your needs at that moment, because your skin does not have the same deficiencies during the winter as it does during the summer.

clean face

The first step for your face to look perfect is to have a good facial cleansing routine, which will allow the absorption of the products and the active ingredients of the cream to be much more powerful.

If you are wearing make-up, bet on a double cleansing : first remove the make-up with micellar water or with a make-up remover butter that removes all the cosmetic product that is on your skin. As a second step, use a cleansing gel or milk to finish removing grease and debris that have not been removed with the first step.

Clean skin allows the cream to act much more powerfully and the results to be more visible in a short time. Remember that for cleaning to be effective, you must spend at least a couple of minutes.

The order does matter

The order is very important for your facial routine to be effective. The first step, as we have told you, is facial cleansing, the second step is toners, the third step is eye contour, the fourth step is serums, followed by facial creams. This order is the most appropriate for each product to act correctly and its benefits to be noticed.

The best way to apply the cream is with a light massage: use the tips of your fingers to give small taps so that the cream is better absorbed and the circulation is activated. Start from the center of your face towards the outermost parts, pressing gently and imitating the wave effect. The result will be plump skin full of luminosity.


Be careful with the eye contour

The eye contour is one of the finest and most delicate areas of our face. Therefore, in addition to recommending that you take care of it from the age of 25, the technique you use to apply the specific treatment is very important. Use a small amount and dab with your fingertips, from the inside out and in a single direction. Take it easy and you will notice the difference in this area!

too much cream

One of the most frequent mistakes is to apply a lot of product on the face, thinking that the more cream you apply, the more benefits you will obtain. This measurement is false, since the only result that we will have if we apply a lot of cream is excess fat and, consequently, the appearance of imperfections. A good trick is to apply five points on the entire face: forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin.

too much cream
The neck and neckline also exist

Many times we apply the cream and forget about the neck and décolletage, areas that are sensitive and that also suffer from the signs of aging in the same way as the skin on the face. Use the amount that you have left over after moisturizing your face.

Where to buy the best facial creams?

You can find the best facial creams in the establishments specialized in cosmetics and beauty that we have in the intu Xanadú Shopping and Leisure Center. The Druni, Primor , El Corte Inglés, Rituals or The Body Shop stores are full of products that will provide your skin with the best benefits , you just have to choose the one that best suits your skin. If you don’t know which one to choose, we have the best professionals in the world of beauty, who will help you choose.

The best face creams

We have made a selection of the best rated creams by customers this year, to make it much easier for you to choose one. With a wide variety of prices, but with quality as a common element. The first that we have selected is Cerave, a moisturizing lotion for the face, with 25% sun protection (€10.90), ideal for all skin types. Another option is this from the Avene brand , a light moisturizing emulsion, designed for normal to oily sensitive skin. (€16.90). In a gel version, we offer you this Biotherm option : restorative, moisturizing and maintaining the skin with the appropriate water deposits (€16.50). A higher priced alternative is this from the Martiderm brand,deep hydration for normal and combination skin (€43.95). Which one do you prefer?