HOW FASHION RULE YOUR LIFE is a very good self-help book by Kerry L. Johnson that has sold more than a million copies. The title says it all – how fashion rules your life, the way you can make money, and how to achieve happiness and fulfillment in your personal and professional life. In HOW FASHION RULE YOUR LIFE, Kerry Johnson shows you how to become a stylish person with a rich inner self. This book is not for fashion followers. It’s for people who want to make their lives richer and more fulfilling.

So you may ask, just what does this book focus on? And here’s a clue: it’s all about style. From the title itself, you can pretty much guess that what follows are techniques to follow the latest styles. From this, you get knowledge on how to find success with your looks, what sort of clothes and accessories to buy, how to get and keep boyfriends or girlfriends, and the whole range of dating from seduction to courting and beyond. Kerry offers tips on everything from how to choose a designer outfit for yourself to advice on which make up to wear to which parties to attend.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a teen dreaming of a supermodel career or just a regular girl with dreams of wearing expensive and extravagant clothes, this book will have you fashion-wise all rolled up in gear. You’ll be treated to a never-ending stream of ideas on how to carry your look, what clothes to own, and how to succeed at work with your appearance. The good thing about this, too, is that there are no outdated rules about women’s clothing any longer. In fact, fashion is a constantly evolving field, and that means that the information in this text is relevant and up to date today.

While this text may serve as a reference for those already involved in the fashion scene, it also serves as a powerful tool for those who would like to be involved. Kerry has taken the principles she used in her own career and put them in writing to help others do the same. She offers a wealth of detail about how to get ahead in a business that many people still view with suspicion. If you want to take your career to the next level, this is the book for you.

This book will have you thinking like a professional from the moment you open the book and start reading. You’ll soon come to realize that many of the rules in fashion are the same rules you follow in your life. The author gives detailed examples of how dressing casually can add years to your appearance and even years to your life. She shows off the proper tie knot and how a simple adjustment of the hemline can change the way you look instantly. She has a knack for explaining complicated concepts in simple, elegant language. There aren’t any fly-by-night fashion tips here–this book is devoted to bringing fashion lessons to the masses.

The book ends with a short chapter on relationships, and the importance of creating a lasting relationship. As Kerry ages, the importance of developing an enduring relationship grows as well. The chapters include: What Keeps Good People Together? How Personal Style Rules Fashion; Secrets of Successful Women: How They Choose Their Clothes; and Save the Money, Buy the Benefits.

The message the author wishes to convey is one of harmony and appreciation. Although she acknowledges that her advice may be perceived as overly easy on the average person, she wants readers to see the big picture. “You’re never too young or too old to learn how to love yourself and look good,” she writes. “Just because you don’t care what age you are doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about what your clothes look like or how much time you put into your appearance.” She encourages you to use her techniques for positive change in your own relationship to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the demands of the world around you.

This is a book that will have a profound impact on all those who buy it and those who read it. It is a quick read with many lessons to be learned. It is essential reading for anyone who cares about themselves and their relationship. The author’s simple and straightforward style keeps the reader engaged from start to finish. This is a great reference for anyone concerned about personal fashion.