hydrating drinks
hydrating drinks

Yes, we return to the typical topic of how important it is to drink water, repetitive, right? With the arrival of high temperatures, we believe that it is more than necessary to remind you and help you in the correct hydration of your body …

But why is it so important to maintain good hydration ? Basically because water is present in the cells that make up ALL our organs and liquids such as blood, urine or bile; Therefore, the need to introduce this liquid into the body is around 2 liters per day, and if we add to that the high temperatures and continuous sweating, this intake can increase.

REMEMBER! Not only water hydrates you and you don’t only have to hydrate when you are thirsty.

How to hydrate correctly?

1. WATER AND MORE WATER …predictable, right? We know… but there is no other drink or food that hydrates you more and better. Always carry your bottle and, if possible, try not to make it plastic (for hygiene, the environment and health). You can use alternatives such as steel, glass or aluminum bottles. You can also add squeezed lemon to your water and, in addition to hydrating you, it will serve as an antioxidant.

2. Flavored waters: If you find it difficult to drink water or you prefer to add a flavor that you like… try fruit! Watermelon, melon, lemon zest, lime, kiwi… anything goes!

3. Teas and infusions. They are NOT substitutes but they can help you complete the correct hydration. Avoid being sugary. Take them for breakfast or snacks and… add a lot of ice!

4. Juices or natural shakes. As with infusions, they are not substitutes, but they can help. In addition, their advantage is that they feed and hydrate, two for one. Use your favorite fruits, always try to make them seasonal and have a high percentage of water. Like watermelon or melon.

Exact! A large number of foods provide us with very good hydration, so they must be present in your dishes this summer.

1. Eat fruit all the time, another topic, right? Well, yes, but one of the main advantages of these foods that fell from the sky is their very high percentages of water. In bites, in fruit salad, in smoothies, accompanied by yogurt… in whatever way you can think of, but always present in your day to day. You have many fruit alternatives, we recommend especially for this time watermelon, melon, strawberries, cherries, peaches or pears. 

2. Another holy food in a healthy diet… VEGETABLES AND VEGETABLES . YES, their percentages of water are also high, so yes or yes, you should include them in your recipes. We recommend the “super salads” in which it is allowed to add all kinds of vegetables, gazpacho, fresh, healthy and super moisturizing or vegetable soups and creams. 

3. Avoid high intakes of meat , always, but in summer even more so due to the high concentrations of animal fats and the heavy digestion they cause. With fish you have free rein, mainly with fish such as sardines, anchovies, bonito, hake, salmon or tuna, as they will provide very good hydration to your body.

Now that you know what you SHOULD do… we tell you what you SHOULD AVOID: 

-High exposures to the sun without drinking liquids.

-Do physical exercise without your water bottle.

– The sensation of thirst.

-Ingest too many liquids during meals, as it can cause digestion to be heavier.

-Highly sugary and processed or alcoholic beverages.

-That your urine is too dark (clear sign of dehydration).

Dehydration can have more or less serious consequences on our body due to the vital functions that water has on it. Therefore, and at this time even more, avoid it. Apply these tips in your day to day, the positive consequences appear not only in your body, but also in your mind.