All of us dream of having a garden that is full of blooms. They have vibrant colors and varying textures. An ideal Garden would be the one that remains decorated with flowers all the time whether during the day or at night. It would be a true blessing to have a garden that is flooded with flowers throughout the years. Thanks to the many varieties of flowers that grow throughout the year but these flowers bloom only during the daytime, leaving our Gardens devoid of fragrance and beauty during the dark hours of the night. Although having no flowers during the night is not a problem for those who don’t go out during the night but for the ones who love to take long walks in the light of the Moon it is really sad to not find any fragrant bloom during the night. An online flower delivery in delhi would help you to get such a flower that spread its fragrance are the sunset but if you want to surround yourself with night-blooming beauties you would like to go through all list of flowers that have the tendency to start blooming right at the moment when the sun starts setting and the moon starts to rise.

Gardenia Augusta

The pretty white flowers of Gardenia Augusta grow mostly as shrubs; they give out their mild smell during the day but emit the fragrance strongly once the sun sets down. These are a wonderful choice of flowers to be planted in your garden or along the sideway to your house. The common name for this flower is Cape Jasmine which is an evergreen flower that belongs to the coffee family of the plant kingdom. They grow well in warm temperatures, the leaves are shiny and the flowers are funnel-shaped that continue to bloom till the autumn season. 

Evening Primrose

The Evening Primrose is a Hardy perennial that is famous for its ability to add sweet fragrances wherever they go you can grow them to get a garden full of fragrance also the flowers are bright and vibrant you can find them in varying shades of white and pink. It has been named as the Evening Primrose because it starts blooming around evening it is for this reason that many people call them the late day beauty flower that looks like a goblet that has four petals. It is also called the golden candlestick. 

Water lilies

You must have ordered Lilies online for decorating your house at functions such as baby showers. But did you know that there is a variety of lilies that bloom during the night? Lilies grow as herbs that have large petal that look like a bulb. They start blooming around the onset of the summer. The beautiful water lilies start opening their petals at the dusk and get closed around sunset. You can add these to your garden to provide a variety to your yard. 


The tender Pera news of Brugmansia forms a variety of hanging flowers that grow on small tree-like plants. It has been observed that they bloom only for a week that too at the time when there is a full moon in the sky they are ideally placed in Gardens but you can bring them inside too. They are also called the angels’ trumpet and are often used as drugs that induce Euphoria. 

Ipomoea alba

The vines of ipomoea alba are popularly called the moonflower or the white morning glory. It has Twining stems and three-lobed leaves, the stem is long and can grow up to 30 meters. The fragrant flowers start closing once they get touched by the morning dew. Once in its full bloom, the flower resembles the moon. You can grow it in sandy soil or low me soil while ensuring that the soil is well-drained and voice the plant prefers light and may die in shade. 

This was a list of some fantastic flowers that add beauty to the Silent Night with the sound of their beautiful Petals and leaves dancing to the beats off the air. You can order flower delivery in bangalore online and receive them at your doorstep without having to go anyway. Hope you liked this piece of information and found it helpful in order to expand your garden.