Senior Living Facility
Senior Living Facility

Factors to Help You Get a Senior Living Facility


Location is an important factor when choosing a senior living community. In high-cost areas, the rent is typically not affordable for many residents. In rural areas, however, you can often find reasonably-priced senior communities. However, location is not the only factor to consider when choosing a senior living community. HCBS waivers and staffing patterns are also factors to consider.


Location is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a senior living facility. Ideally, you want a facility close to where you live or work. You also want it to be accessible to public transportation. Some residences also offer transportation to travel hubs.

You should also consider the qualifications of the staff. Some facilities offer special care for those with conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. Also, you should ask about their policies and procedures regarding medication management. You may also want to check if they have contracts that outline the care they provide to their residents.


The best senior living facilities offer a range of amenities that allow residents to maintain their fitness and stay social. Many provide group exercise classes and personal trainers. Others offer walking trails and zen gardens. Here are some of the most important amenities to look for. If you’re looking for a new home for your senior loved one, consider these amenities.

Some of the senior living options hold social hours where residents can socialize with one another. These activities will help residents get to know each other and discover common interests. Some of these activities are included in the price of the facility; others require a fee.

Staffing patterns

A long-term care facility’s staffing patterns can vary significantly depending on the number of patients and the acuity of residents. Some providers choose to hire only full-time employees. This method can lead to cost overruns and overtime. Others may prefer to use part-time staff, which provides flexibility and cost control.

The ratio of staff to residents can range widely, from one to eight employees. The ratio during the day varies slightly, and at night the staff to resident ratio is lower. This can be problematic for elderly residents who require nighttime care. Nonetheless, emergency staff should be available to get residents to a safe location as quickly as possible.

HCBS waivers

If you need assistance paying for a senior living facility, you may be able to qualify for an HCBS waiver. These programs vary by state and may take a while to approve. Some states use a traditional waiting list while others have a priority designation system. You should contact the appropriate state Medicaid agency for details.

In order to qualify for a HCBS waiver, you must meet certain criteria, both financial and medical. HCBS is geared toward people who are low-income.